Coda Darkness

This piece was written in collaboration with my dear friend soupie.r, who can be found on Instagram at

It was a joy to work with you, soupie.r, and I hope we will have more future opportunities to create together.

“Coda Darkness” – Recorded 3/7/2021 – Auroraboros and soupie.r – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Pitch Darkness and numb limbs,
cloudy vision and sad ink,
A smell of oil and unpleasant breaths,
The night silence and the sleepers snoring…

A box filled with strange sounds,
Sounds of the hungry abdomens,
Two sleepless, heavy, drowsy eyes,
And two others glistening with moans,
A hawk’s eyes and five scars on his forehead
are seen,
In the corner, a movement is glimpsed and
the whispering of beseechers is heard.

Another unknown box, from which, a French
kiss separates us,
A kiss during which two hearts, secretly met,
Laughter, parties, songs and pictures
become all gray,
When touching the black box, lives turn into
And blank pages where all memories are

Lonely lying in a merciless darkness,
Skinny, you were, or obese,
Big or small,
Rich or poor,
Just, lived, or unjust,
Obedient to God or disobedient,
A do-gooder or a narcissist,
dead drowning, burning, heart attack or
The vanishing point is one,
and you will be either a victor or a victim.

Dead flies, littered across a tabletop, hinged.
From the ceiling hang the gallows, sticky coils;
Beneath is where we lay,
thick, the smell of summer sweat and rotting linens.
There is a hunger in our bodies,
though it does not come from our stomachs,
rather, we ache
in our tongues, our lips, our eager fingertips,
our welling eyes, rapt and ready to unwrap delicate efforts to conceal.

In another space, another time,
I am within you,
as you are within me,
our child, kicking at my stomach from the safety of uterine walls,
unaware, what keeps her hostage now
keeps her safe,
will be an inaccessible refuge,
to be glimpsed only in dreams,
once the deluge washes her from my loins.

Pitiful and walking, wading in shame,
boy, perhaps, or girl,
dripping wet or hard as ice,
with or without,
righteous, victorious vitriol, or condemned,
following the light or walking with eyes elsewhere,
to shine on your own path or to steal as such the glow of others,
to recede either way by rain extinguished, source exsanguinated, vessel extricated via heart or hand,
in time the path will end and you will fall,
the final movement, coda darkness.

3 thoughts on “Coda Darkness

      1. Verbal poetry and story is the future. I like to hear the writer read. I do the YouTube video sometimes. Nice to see the face of the writer. I was glad to had found your work this afternoon. You are welcome and have fun/be safe.

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