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Born Apart

For you. We were born apart,Have beenSearching, calling out,Hands in dirt, grasping in the dark,UntilAt last alone we grow still,No beat in old heart,Flame flickers and grows cold,Wax wick body,Warm will soul,End again to restart,Re-lit a new,Slow death and burst rebirth,False / true,Zero / one,Until two,Not doneUntil I find you,And now I’ve foundYou,And I won’t forsake,I’ll stay hereFor another thousands years,Won’t takeAnother day of waking state,Shake from hate of night fearsAnd heart break/ache,Bring the storms and earthquakes,Goat horns and flame lakes,Gold forms and great gates,I’ll brave all states for these stakes,Won’t shake, won’t blink,You must be out of your mind … Continue reading Born Apart

I Love You So

For you, my dear. This year has brought so much to me,I feel so truly blessed,Of all the joys which I’ve received,My darling you’re the best. The love you showMakes my heart glow,I cannot help but smile,When I think of youAnd all you do,Your sweet and caring style. I am filled with admiration,Adoration,Inspired, in oh, so many ways,The moments I am with you, my dear,Are the highlights of my days. Whether we talk and laugh in bed,Or go outside for a run,I cherish all the time we spend,You are my light, my sun.To bring warmth on sullen, winter days,And fresh … Continue reading I Love You So

About Clouds

I thought I saw your face,just like in my dreams,but it was just a cloud,only a memory it seems. Now the rain is falling down,and I am wondering,justthinking out loudabout clouds…and how…if I pulled them from the sky,down to the ground,if I wore them like a gownwould I finally belike you;would I be pretty too? I am thinking,about clouds,and howif I could,I would float to you now,letting gothis mortal shroud,still filled with pride,yet no longer quite so proud,not quiet butno longer quite so loud,wings, feathers out,no longer tethered downto the ground,as a dove whoflies above,through withfake dates and self-hate,to make … Continue reading About Clouds

sisifis is

a smell like lonelysex andneglecthair in matted curls fallingover shouldersskin in flakesspilling likewastefluids on bareumbilical remnantforming thinkingof wetplacesfaceshardspaces likebasements floodedboxes of old photoshistory andlit candlesflickeringcarriedoutset in the sun to dry “are you okay?”honest eyes withworry and a bit ofpityenough to push overlucka balance strucklike a coin on its sideno heads or tailswin/losssuccess or failblame prideall the samenot to complainjust a responselike“it’s been a day”what’s not shown is not seensomewhere betweentruth and a lienot to dip low and hidebut neither to know crysee got dry eyes(never mind the dark lines)sad attempt to beliewhat’s insidelime and dirt piled highupon thishideous sense ofdecayused … Continue reading sisifis is

On Letting Go

I miss you more than you will ever know,but I’ve been working hard on letting go. INever thought you’d bein myevery thought,every dream,every sigh,every scream,every sight,every sound,yet in my life:never around,webelieved we had founddestiny,“meant to be”together;it broke my heartto see,apart,ties severed,plain as day:your blackbird wings were made to fly free,to carry you away,from me. Knowing “you”, is you no longer,now a void and it always will be,but you know what they say,I’m getting stronger every day,now I know that it won’t kill me,seeking peace and health, to love myself,void not filled but still fulfilling,focused on my art, on healing my … Continue reading On Letting Go

A Place to Call My Own (Home 2)

Part One: An Expression of Self (Home 1) Skin clings to bone likeHome:A place to call my own,A foreign word,In a near-forgotten phrase,I have not known inOh, so many ways,Distant now inTime and space,A remnant ofPrior days,Save for warm embrace,Sacred moments withMy twin flame,Warmed by the smile onYour face,Until the moment fades andFlies away,As a bird set free it’sRusted, gilded cage. I am… afraid. I write these wordsWith a desperate haste,On a styrofoam case,Something I hope will not decay,Feeling my heart race,At a rapid pace,Knowing even still they too may escape,As so many others have,In figure eights,All intent and effortLaid … Continue reading A Place to Call My Own (Home 2)


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