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In Every Tiny Moment

The sixth in a set of NINE. Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini). I want to feelyour hand in mine. Fear,of course () skin and scars,maybe toomuch ornot enough. Does desire live,Love,In the heart;Yours/Mine? To press an ear to your chest and hearA soft song,Echo. From birthTo the last breath:Alone,In every tiny moment.


The fifth in a set of NINE. Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini). 8/fold expanse ofWhat is God, if/than Love?Loss and life,Sky and falling like the heat before rain.Cutting like a good knife;Darling,I would,To eat your pain. What a laugh,A belly-ache and half-fullDull to and of,BeNot to love me,Gone before you know, leaveCan’t be sure, tooLowGo back a second,First you see it then you don’t…Breathe. Tomorrow, sheRed of face and skin,Sorrow,To bleedBlue now red,NeedTongue cold,Begin again,So young-old,Maybe,With extended spine,Divine and mine willSwish the flies away,Dead, yours, “not mine”,No plague, doors cleared of fear today,If I asked what would you say? … Continue reading 8/fold

Poetry Reading – “When the Storm is Over”

Originally published October 18, 2018, this piece has been recorded previously as one of the first recordings I posted here (at https://objectsanddistance.com/2020/12/13/when-the-storm-is-over-2/, along with a photograph (which was what I started adding around the time I began recording, eventually evolving to artwork). I am re-recording and reposting this, as my dear friend Jasmine (https://www.instagram.com/mine_primel/) has been kind enough to create artwork for this piece (below) and I wanted to do it justice with a new recording. The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/10/18/when-the-storm-is-over/ When the storm is overAnd deep blue skies … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “When the Storm is Over”


The fourth in a set of NINE. Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini). AfraidOf being afraidTeethLoveDark andLike an endless fieldBarbed wire and smokeThere is a ringing in my earsEarth and skySomewhere betweenWe lieNever a momentTo just look in your eyesNot that I might see myselfBut that we might findQuietA warm embraceNot to tasteYour sweatTearsA hole in the fabric of my longingCold and blueNot withoutBut neither collectedDreams and sweet desireThe cool water, lapping at the shoreBridging the divide

all / for you

The third in a set of NINE. Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini). for which lost form and wing / more than grace and the eternal / fall to land in legion / as stolen light from stars / flame to light the way / no lust for flesh / the victor defines victims / not content the watch /a lost hope kindled new / all / for you

Beneath the White Moon

The second in a set of NINE. Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini). Shattered / scattered,Just like you,Scared to move, too,To breakThrough / freeCaught in thisMonotonous routine, like“Misery is comfortable when the alternative is unknown.” “Certainty:”What a lie,Worse than bright lit blue skies,Just dispersed light that hit new eyes,Its why ITrust the night,Beneath the whiteMoonAt least you know the teeth that bite you,Not to be confusedWith smiles that want to fight you,Now we see right through,To the ugly that’s inside you,Worms and bugs, leaves that sit in shit but still guide you,With more grace than those who’d sooner save face … Continue reading Beneath the White Moon


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