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In the Light of Another Night

In the light of another nightI had found you… you were on the ground,you were kneeling down,and the sound that you were makingmade me shiver,made me want to want to turn aroundand walk the other way… but I…decided I would stay. – Of the broken golden aether,you were speaking… you had seen this face,in another place,though the space it occupiedhad receded,had proceeded to replacethe words you meant to say… but you…faded slow to grey. – Like the hands on a pocket-watch,we had seen it… it was growing fast,it was moving past,it was flowing the wrong way;it kept ticking…we kept wishing … Continue reading In the Light of Another Night

Poetry Reading – “View from Within”

Originally published March 6, 2018. The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/03/01/dreaming-all-at-once/ Through the shattered window paneThe light bends before it ever reaches my eyeMaking the city look cracked and distortedThe skyline jagged and hostile. I have often found it betterTo focus on the scenes within this roomTo turn on all the lightsAnd drown out the surreal sceneryOutside;It is more comforting this way. But then I findI can see the roomAnd myselfReflected back in broken mimicryThough this is admittedly easier to ignore. I have wondered at timesIf the world outside would … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “View from Within”

That You Might Grab Hold of Tomorrow

We have seen the sun rise and fall so many hundred thousand times,Each day bringing new light to the Earth we know;But the Sun does not care,If the Earth is stripped bare,Cold and barren, pillars of salt, sea of fire belowOr filled with singing birds, shaking hands, and so many words and rhymes. The tick of the clock walks us slowly towards the abyss,A gun to our backs, with hands tied and mouth gagged tight.Why should we go quiet, as trees who fall at night?Don’t wait for the bell to toll; there so much life to miss. Let go your … Continue reading That You Might Grab Hold of Tomorrow

Poetry Reading – “Those Who Went Before”

Originally published March 5, 2018. The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/03/05/those-who-went-before/ A dying starCollapsing in on itselfLooks outAcross the vast emptiness that lies before itThe wastelandOf husk planetsCircled by cold, dead moonsInto the aeonsInto the eyesOf all the other starsStill burning so brightly For a minuteThere is envyA longingFor the way things wereTo shine down on barren landscapesAnd seeMotionColorLifeWhere now there liesOnly memoriesAnd the deadThose who were unableTo leave Seeing these scenesOf sadness and horrorThe star recallsThe exodusAnd the envy felt thenAs so many fledThe bitternessAnd rejectionThat came with knowingThat … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Those Who Went Before”

For Gabi, On Your Birthday

For Gabi, for Ariele, for your whole family in brazil. My heart, for you. 💙 Today, this day, is a day unique among all days,Just as you, yes you, are unique among all people. Today is a happy day, filled with celebration, with festivity and gifts, with cake and ice cream and bright colors. It is fitting, for someone such as yourself, who brings constant happiness and shining light to the world with the gift that is you! I do believe that we should celebrate more often, with balloons on every table and streamers from every corner of the room, … Continue reading For Gabi, On Your Birthday

Poetry Reading – “To Be Whole”

Am I a broken man?To answer thatI would need to knowWhat it meansTo be whole. ReaderOh, my beloved readerAfter my own heartYou know meSo much betterThan anyone elseThan I knowMyself. I ask of you this:Does absenceEquate with emptiness?Does my lack of youOr your lack of meMean we are apart? Do you not stareInto spaces unoccupiedAnd seeWhat is bothThereAnd notAt the same time? Surely you have satOr lain on barren floorAnd weptThe same as me. Do you not proceedTowards goals yet unknownUncertain the destinationBut assured the path? We have often askedWhere the light hidesWhen the sun has fallenBehind the distant skylineBut … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “To Be Whole”


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