Every Step a Step Closer to Where You Are

“Every Step a Step Closer to Where You Are” – Recorded 1/18/2021 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Every step, a step closer to where you are.

Every breath, one less breath to be drawn without you.

How I long for you…

…to wake beside you on these cold and often lonesome mornings, though even now I am greeted each day by your presence in the form of memories and messages, from the very moment the first light enters through my freshly-opened eye-lids.

…to walk , to run, to slide through snow-filled parks and winding city sidewalks, slick with ice, though even now, I am overjoyed for the opportunity to know that while I am out on these unforgiving surfaces you are facing the same on your side of the Earth.

…to feel your touch, holding each other close, cherishing, as we do, not only the warmth of our bodies, but the racing of our eager hearts, breath quickening and hot on lips, on neck, on chest, on… our very souls… apart for so long but intertwined now and inseparable… distance no object, as even now, I am embraced by the sound of your voice, rapt and captured in the arms of your loving gaze as if the screen which keeps us apart and joins us at the same time were not a window but a door, waiting only to be opened that we might enter at last and be together as one…

I will keep walking forward, knowing that regardless of where it takes me, eventually, it will take me to you.

I will keep breathing, drawing in and blowing out, the air that fills my lungs a constant reminder of the life that surrounds us both and the exhalation a promise that all which brings me joy before I meet you is only temporary and will not be held too closely or too tightly.

Every step… Every breath… That I might be with you someday soon.

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