The World, Anew

For Rini, my dear friend in Indonesia. Your soul and heart are pure as the water droplets which form on the blades of grass in the early morning, your prayers as loud to the heavens as the chirping of the crickets in the evening hours. You are not stupid, I will not hear such a thing, and there is no shame to be had. You are brilliant in your own way, and I am blessed to know you.

I met Rini on Ablo. If you have never used Ablo, consider visiting. You can find me there at

the world, anew
seen through me
seen through you
the world, anew
seen through
a drop of dew
on a blade of grass
as the crickets sing
as the hours pass
change each does bring
the dew it dries
its contents rise
to drift soft to
the eager skies
just as your prayers
for those you love
float up to
our God above

my dearest Rin
there is no shame
in the way you work
in your beautiful brain
you are unique
under the sun
you are you
you are someone

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