There Is, In All Things

For the light and for the darkness in all of us. For the warm feeling of love and acceptance, and for the sinking discomfort that sits in the pit of our stomachs. May we remember that both are always there, and always will be.

“There Is, In All Things” – Recorded 12/26/2020 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

The light when it hits the snow at just the right angle, so as to glimmer and shine.

The fresh, morning air, when the sun has not yet climbed over the horizon but we are aware of it by the receding of the shadows.

A good song, or a bad song, any song really, so long as it is filled with passion and life, a snapshot of the human experience in sound and rhythm.

The way cats and dogs arch their backs when we pet them and purr or look back at us with genuine, loving affection.

The smile on a child’s face and the pure way in which they wave, or hug, or just the naïve innocence through which they view the world they are a part of.

There is
In all things
A shine
A piece
A fragment
Of the divine

The static glow in the late evening when the sun has fallen but a soft, not-darkness remains.

The stale, dry rooms in cheap motels, when the day has ended but we are not aware of it due to the flickering fluorescents and CRT screens.

A good song at the wrong moment, or a bad song that has been misinterpreted as a good song and plays over and over on every station until somehow we collectively wake up and stop.

Photos of animals in cages, crammed together without water or food, or in pens with their bodies bleeding, waiting only to die.

The untold number of children who go hungry each night, who freeze to death or die of exposure or are grasped in ways that no human should ever be grasped let alone a child.

There is
In all things
A terrible cold
A piece
A fragment
Of a lost and broken soul

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