These Days

These days
Go by so quickly
Before we know it
Tomorrow has passed
And today is but a memory

We live
Minute by minute
Our eyes always searching for
What comes next
So seldom observing
With clarity and adequate appreciation
What we have now

I do not wish
To take for granted
The time I have
And the people with whom I share this life

I will make time
For those who matter
I will make a conscious effort
To let them know
How much they mean
In my words
As well as my actions

For these lives are precious
And so fragile
Just as the bonds that tie them together
We must cherish them
We must take
An active part
In demonstrating
To ourselves as well as those around us
That our lives are of value
That they mean more to us
Than the objects and abstractions
Which fill our days

11 thoughts on “These Days

  1. Great poem my friend.
    Yes time does go by in a flash even when the days seem to crow by, it’s easy to take people and are lives for granted, we forget about the little things that make life worth living, powerful message in simple words my friend.


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    1. Thank you, Dawn. That is exactly it. There is so much that we have been given in this life that is easy to pass over, to take for granted as we always look for what we think we want or what we are told we should want. There is so much value and beauty in the little things…

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  2. It’s a great reminder. Especially to those who hurt us, but we still care for. Time is so short, yet we spend so much time hurt inside or upset. I’d like to say we can help it, but it’s not always the case. I think that’s why we say the words anyways. Inspiring piece.

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    1. Well put, Mandibelle. It is such a difficult situation, one which is incredibly complex and not so easy to understand or act on. You are so right that we are not always able to control how circumstances affect us. And the worst part tends to be that we know that, and we feel guilty, or broken… Which just makes the situation worse. Holding our some form of hope and trying bit by bit to appreciate what we have is sometimes all we can do.


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