I bleed
Well, we
If I can say so boldly
I pray these words will hold
Not leak
What I seek
To give to you
A mouthpiece
Be bold
Even through bared teeth
I’m not scared, weak
But I’m aware
What we need
To fight that which we cannot see
An invisible enemy
Your infirmary
But we can find victory
You can be free
But only
With, not against me
I love you madly
I would die gladly
This could end badly
Unless you give me your hand
Grab tight
Take a stand
And fight valiantly
It’s your right to lead
A life of peace
A night guided by light
Not so much for sight but for relief
From shadows and fright
That hide in plain sight
Absence holds tight to these
But presence brings bright scenes
Takes us where we need to be
Not without strife but only as is right
As life is inherently
Not easy but neither rife with grief
Easier still with more friends than enemies
So walk beside not in front or behind my feet
Our footsteps in line, we keep
Time blind to all outside, beneath
Folds and wrinkles in waking sleep
Not dirty but neither clean
Not wordy but neither lean
Just you and I, our sheen
Glowing now and endlessly
Held up relentlessly
Banners and scented sheets
An anthem and elegy
For all that comes between
Aurora and MJSC

31 thoughts on “Crossfire

    1. Thank you; I am do glad that you enjoyed it. This piece is quite a deviation from my prior approaches. It is always good to receive feedback/support when I go outside of my norm. 🙂

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    1. I do hope that you have the support you need, be it in your own strength and/or through others who care about you. Know that you have allies here in us, though the physical distance is uncertain and limiting, we are kindred nonetheless.

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        1. Is there any particular reason why you do not do so? It can be so healthy to release these feelings and accept them. Just know you deserve acceptance for whoever you are… I accept you fully, as a friend, as do others here.

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