Blackbird Wings

Evening brings
New and beautiful things
Blackbird wings
By my side

Dead of moonlit night
Presence pressed tight
Tells me this is right
My lips, your neck
I can still taste you
On my breath
I want more
Every bit, I have left

Passion pull
It’s a darkened road
Darker still
When you walk it alone
Moonlight breaks
Eyes they glow
I see your face
And I know

We must abide
Try to stabilize
A balanced place where
We can reside
Skin on skin
Your hands in mine
We cannot hide
What we feel inside
But we have time
Slow it down
And push aside
For tonight

Now we both see
What this all could mean
What this all could be
If we try
If we can agree
Searching to find
Still terrified
Of you and I

But when we leave
The past behind
When we let
Currents guide
When we open wide
No fear resides
Blackbird wings
Into the sky


18 thoughts on “Blackbird Wings

    1. Thank you. I hope my writing continues to evolve, to ebb and flow and reflect changes in my life and my mindset. I have been experimenting lately with collaborative and inspired writing; my inspiration is bound to bleed into what I produce. I just hope to maintain a consistent representation of myself; my goal is for this blog to reflect me, after all. 🙂

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