To the Light of an Unobstructed Star (Sol)

Born of the same flame
But not quite the same
No longer divided
The unparsed past
The uncertain future
Present in
The present
No longer trying to be
The source
Rather, a conduit for
Secondary light
Accepting this
Your will
Your beautiful face
Smiling once more

You are the life-giving sun
Radiant and strong
Burning full glory
Beaming waves of warmth to
Grateful surface
To be reflected joyously in a torrent of words
You are to be raised high
That all might see just the smallest fraction of
Your grace and splendor
For you are without compare in this realm
A solitary column of pure light
In a landscape of shadows
Formed only by objects that stand between

Day ends and
Eyes close but heart remains
Open and
Pulsing to the beat of a new song
Glowing even still
In the darkest depths of the coldest night
All credit owed
To the light of an unobstructed star

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