Assumptions and Practical Cynicism (Three-Day Quote Challenge v1, Day One)

Assume the worst of others, but expect their best.

– Mel DeHaan

Assume the best
Of everyone
Knowing full well
That they are capable
Of their worst

Be prepared
To be hurt
And to have your world
By those you love

Know though
That nothing is built to last
Sometimes it is for the best
When what we have built collapses

It is only when we have lost
That we discover
What we wish to recover
And what it takes to get it back

I was nominated by Grateful Single Mom of the blog Grateful Single Moms to participate in a three-day quote challenge. I am not entirely sure the expectations, which is actually for the best. I cannot promise I will/would meet the expectations of this challenge either way; when I write, I write from and to a very personal place, and I must continue this practice for the time being. That said, I have several quotes that are particularly meaningful right now, so I will work to write with those as a foundation.

I believe I was to nominate three fellow bloggers for this challenge as well. I am going to take a somewhat different approach, and instead just invite anyone reading this to search and determine if you have either a quote that genuinely speaks to you right now, or a response to my quotes/posts, in whatever form you feel comfortable with.

17 thoughts on “Assumptions and Practical Cynicism (Three-Day Quote Challenge v1, Day One)

  1. Nicely done! You reminded me I didn’t put the “rules” in my posts…I corrected that simply because I’m a rule follower (haha well that’s partly why). But I love the approach you’ve taken and your quote! โค๏ธ

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    1. A valid concern, and one I shared for the longest time. I am learning though… When my words come from and represent my heart, they will never fail me so long as I never fail them. They are my companions, my allies, and I there’s.

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