Visual Expression


In late 2020, I began to include a photograph, with distinct visual editing, along with my daily pieces. This was an attempt to bring a visual theme to the page, along with the text and audio.

For the most part, I have transitioned to daily micro-sketches, though I do still use a photograph from time-to-time.

More photography can be found on my Instagram at

Daily “Micro-Sketches”

Since late 2020, I have been slowly incorporating “micro-sketches” into my daily poetry in an attempt to convey the theme visually. I have enjoyed working in a new medium, and I am learning a bit more each day, about my style and how to best bring it to life.

I always appreciate feedback, critical or otherwise, though know I am aware my sketches are not of a quality befitting any sort of professional recognition, and frankly, I don’t care. 😊