Feathered Wings

Feathered wings,In turn,Fold andSlow-burn,Melting likeA good sinWhere doesOne end,Where does,The next begin? Four flames,Two twins,Four candles,Flicker now in the wind. Warm air,Blowing in,Holding you,Blowing out and blowing through. East-west,Coast to coast,Your ghost,The part of us I miss the most. Pinch of Earth,In both hands,From either pole,North/South,Dry land. Blown out,Floating now,Wait for…The sedentary come down,Hold strong,Hold … Continue reading Feathered Wings

a winged lament

the butterfly must lament, even if briefly, the loss of the cocoon, mourning departure from familiar home. unaware its new form, yet undefined, a shape emerges from cracked and peeling shell, losing as it does the smell of safety, tight pressure against aching limbs, eyes wet with dew and tears for what is no more… … Continue reading a winged lament

The Flapping of the Smallest Feather Wings

The outcome of the daily weather does not depend entirely upon The gusts of wind which carry over the oceans and seas From the turning of the Earth And the centrifugal force of its incredible mass Rather There are the most minute imperfections Movements Of beasts and of individuals That shift the balance ever so … Continue reading The Flapping of the Smallest Feather Wings

Empress Amethyst – A Reprise

With a glance Nations Men Fall to their knees Tremble Beneath the weight Of those eyes Cast with Love and Power held Behind you A past strewn Memories and Empires Unfit Your graceful countenance Before me now Full splendor Seated on Rightful throne To rule All that is Yours I am Humbled Still In reverence … Continue reading Empress Amethyst – A Reprise

When the Ground Beneath You Crumbles and Falls Away

When you were younger Every gap and fold Seemed like the end of the road But soon you learned if your Feet left the Earth There weren't many places you could not go Now you are older and the Valleys are wide There are so many obstacles left to cross And though you're still light … Continue reading When the Ground Beneath You Crumbles and Falls Away