…And the Sun is Shining Once More

The sorrows that once assailed us and held us in place Are now the sorrows of yesterday Replaced as such With the troubles and worries of today. We have woken so many days Doubtful of ourselves, Fearful of the challenges we know we face And ever more fearful of those we do not, But have … Continue reading …And the Sun is Shining Once More

I Paused Ever So Slightly Today

I paused Ever so slightly today, As my feet passed between shadows and sunlight streaming down… Warm and… It has been so long Since I have felt the glow on my face. My spirit ran free last night. I opened my mouth wide And set loose from between my teeth, Not quite words, Not quite … Continue reading I Paused Ever So Slightly Today

Born of a Future Unrealized

We all begin With a bright light At our center Illuminating all we are But it is also from this center That we expand outward In our awareness And as such There is much of ourselves That goes unseen Even by our own eyes The light shines broadly Though time brings empty voids There are … Continue reading Born of a Future Unrealized

Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

Note: This piece contains material that is not appropriate for all audiences. Read at your own discretion. Her breath on my neck Her lips on my cheek Her pressed against me We move as one; I remember to breathe Feel her movement, discrete Rinse and repeat Shallow then deep Above then beneath Pressed against - … Continue reading Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*