The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part II (Mask Reprise)

Sphere of Passion play Rest now in Harmony atop Pitch black: Four sides, One base, Just as Four eyes, One face.   Hue lost? No, found Not within, but Around...   Azure skies above As Azure seas below.   Calm surface all but Kind; Deceit, As winds begin to blow, As storms on horizon grow, … Continue reading The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part II (Mask Reprise)

Something for All Those Who Have Been There

This morning I woke to Memories Of dreams from the night before. I remember that I dreamt of you, Ariele. I dreamt that I was finally able to visit Brazil, And we sat for coffee in a small shop. We talked for many hours Of all things that we talk of now But we could … Continue reading Something for All Those Who Have Been There

Always Missing Something

I want to run Through the dark and into the forest beyond To keep pace with the coyotes To ride the columns of air that carry the crows high above the tallest trees I have never quite felt at home Here amongst the bright lights and ticking clocks Always missing Something I want to return … Continue reading Always Missing Something

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

A while back (sorry, I have been busy as of late...), I was nominated for a Mystery Blogger award by Lawrence Illoc, of the blog Being Bipolar. Trying to break the stigma! ( Though it has taken me longer than I would like to respond, I am very honored by this nomination and accept it as … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

Liebster Award Nomination

Today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by fellow blogger, Karen, of the blog Blue Sky Days 365 ( I am honored by this nomination, and hope I am able to respond appropriately. About Karen and Blue Sky Days 365 Karen is an inspirational blogger who started her blog as a way to share … Continue reading Liebster Award Nomination

Together but Apart

Together, but apart So close, but with such great distance betweenSometimes, I feel estranged Inhuman Like I was put here only to observe Never to be More than a spectator A sentient camera In a world of living, breathing humans   Embrace Is a two-way action I squeeze tightly You stand idle Arms at your … Continue reading Together but Apart

A Statement of Purpose

It is time That I put forth in writing My interpretation Of the reasons for my continued existence And my strategy thus To accomplish all that I have set out to do. First and foremost I will pursue truth and understanding. I will seek to unravel and interpret The mysteries of the Universe To answer … Continue reading A Statement of Purpose