we were born in the dirt

"we were born in the dirt" - Recorded 3/2/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them we were born in the dirtof the sons of fliesa world ofshadows dancing on the wallsmotion anddangercolor absent ourpale forms stepping to the lightwe seethe world beyond our limited perspectiveblinking with our hands cupped above our eyesshakingnaked … Continue reading we were born in the dirt

From Crystal Clear to Darkest Black

Moving now From crystal clear to Darkest black Unsure What lies beneath Unsure How to proceed Careful With every motion Word Not to disturb The delicate balance Between The shadows that move underneath And the sunlight that streams Silent Through growing cloud cover Desperate To navigate With precision and patience This restless calm Knowing The … Continue reading From Crystal Clear to Darkest Black