An Expression of Self (Home 1)

Part Two: A Place to Call My Own (Home 2) "An Expression of Self (Home 1)" - Recorded 9/25/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them An expression ofSelfNot always pretty lines and floral printNot alwaysGreen grass and candles, lit Dark mass on dirt earth, feetThe smell of piss/sweat/breath/ taste meSalt and bits … Continue reading An Expression of Self (Home 1)


"Meal" - Recorded 3/10/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them A mealButNot to feedStillMouthsTonguesButNotWith teethAll of meOnAll of youAll of youOnAll of meI tasteYour breathOnYour kissSweetI feelYour breastsMy handsWe danceYou leadYour hairMy chestNo rest butAt peaceIn bed yetNo sleepMy mouthYour neckYour hipsYour lipsYourCurled feetSplayedOnWetSheetsI riseTo meetYour callYour needYour nailsMy backBreak skinI bleedYou … Continue reading Meal

Each and Every Cloud

For everyone. May Love be bold and strong, likewise, may love wither and die that the heart might live. "Each and Every Cloud" - Recorded 2/13/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them Each and every cloudWishingFold neatInWalletFishingSeatPocketMine.9Save forNext time SacredSighsListeningNakedThighsTo beKissingGlistening-breathe-LickingSweat toTasteWetBristlingWait stateMissingYour breathMy neckGreat sexNo blessApexLess textBad betYour heartMyPetHeavySet getReadyBreak levyWasteEveryChasteReverieLikeSoiled … Continue reading Each and Every Cloud

IMMirrorr MirrorrIM

"IMMirrorr MirrorrIM" - Recorded 2/7/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them okay. end state: 8 /fate same weight both ways reflect tocelebrateelseemulate toimitate? 12 yearsnew fears 13 days shield=mace heart laidto waste linesbreakyour face take breath (not taste) away no haste no grace waitbait to bate 20 2 4 3 2 more … Continue reading IMMirrorr MirrorrIM


"💯" - Recorded 1/31/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them Dose rockTick tockClick clackClap back No earnSlow burnTabletopTables turn 2, 46, 813421, 37, 9Red, BlackPurple, Blue Dance floorNot softTable topTop offShow allNo wallVeil thinAll fall Break throughMe youYou IWho knewRedoWe, newAll eyeDeep blue Begin:Thin sinNo lightNo spinNo darkNo grinNo eyesNo kin No … Continue reading 💯

Flowers in the Snow

For you; yes, you. For us. For what comes next. "Flowers in the Snow" - Recorded 1/10/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them Broke crust; boot to Earth.In winter's step, new to grow.Descend to(o), sanctum deep.Observe: bones,Picked clean, long ago.Mid-day, sun gleam.Bright light, dark though. Bow now.Lit, torch.Cast toWhite glow. New ground.New … Continue reading Flowers in the Snow

A Dirty Sort of Clean

For you, once more, and forever. 💙 "A Dirty Sort of Clean" - Recorded 1/9/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them I have seen…A dirty sort of clean…Paradox? Sure.But I'll take it. "Expect the unexpected." I have seen…Water running over, flowing,Spilling out as these words do now…From my mouth and from my … Continue reading A Dirty Sort of Clean