Used to Be/Still Are

I want to drink you down, Just like that bottle of lavender syrup The one you gifted me -Purple & sweet- Just like you Used to be / still are Somewhere underneath that lid of yours -Sealed tight- To keep your contents From spilling to the earth below. Or maybe… I can learn to simply … Continue reading Used to Be/Still Are

In the Heat of the Fire’s Glow

In the heat of the fire's glow We watch the day's light come and then go The seconds turn to minutes turn to hours then they're gone The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long Evening turns to gloaming turns to darkness turns to dawn Amidst the calm of the falling snow … Continue reading In the Heat of the Fire’s Glow

Come What May, There Will be Another Day

There are days Where life seems to hide around every corner like a menace Waiting to strike when the time is right Waking up to darkness and frosted windows The day begins far too soon And by the time we at last return home The sun has set and the cold has crept once more … Continue reading Come What May, There Will be Another Day

Why’s Like Waves

The waves are crashing down once more On the shores of perception Eroding any semblance of certainty Drawing in the doubts Poisoning the waters even further As negativity spreads like a cloud of sediment Leaving only darkness in its wake Casting shadows down into the deepest depths Leaving the world above excluded And just as … Continue reading Why’s Like Waves

Until the Bell, Divided, Rings

The more tight our grasp On what we love The shorter now it seems to last We shall forget these things Until the bell, divided, rings And in its hollow sound The lines and words which we had prior found Now to which we're bound will sing Until this day arrives The voices we did … Continue reading Until the Bell, Divided, Rings