Sit Back; Relax

Sit back; Relax. Sometimes That's just what You need When life gets Too rough. Step back; Analyze and Find space to breathe. At the end of the day Some how Some way We all must Take time To unwind. Let go; Leave behind All that Clouds your mind.

All Must in Time Flow

The days are washing over Like so many crashing waves Each moment passing Never lasting Transient as the shadow-casting rays Just as the water laps the shore The minutes flood our minds Inward bleeding Then receding Taking with them pieces of our lives So let us not hold tightly this Who we are and what … Continue reading All Must in Time Flow

So Much Likes Strands of Straw

The moments that compose our lives So much like strands of straw And how hard we try To keep the pieces collected in one place so nicely Not bound so tight as to restrict their natural inclinations to remain distinct Neither left to float at the whim of the wind Sometimes I Grow so tired … Continue reading So Much Likes Strands of Straw

Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

Note: This piece contains material that is not appropriate for all audiences. Read at your own discretion. Her breath on my neck Her lips on my cheek Her pressed against me We move as one; I remember to breathe Feel her movement, discrete Rinse and repeat Shallow then deep Above then beneath Pressed against - … Continue reading Nothing More, Nothing Less *Explicit*

Spectre Still, Remnant Only

Oh, formless void That lies Behind auburn eyes You hold such power in that realm Yet you know not the responsibility that comes as such And so your power weakens With every effort you make To exert control Spectre still Remnant only You are not whole You are not well And never will be So … Continue reading Spectre Still, Remnant Only

This Flame, This Sun (Three-Day Quote Challenge v2, Day Two)

"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." - Sir Thomas Browne Rise, and let the light fall down upon those you love. Do not forget that you are so much more than what you perceive. Does not the aged oak draw rays down but in doing so cast … Continue reading This Flame, This Sun (Three-Day Quote Challenge v2, Day Two)