2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

Today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by fellow blogger, Sonali, of the blog Just Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/) Thank you very much to Sonali. Below is my response to this nomination. About Sonali and Just Me According to Sonali's About Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/about-me/): Hello beautiful people, I’m Sonali, the author of Just me. I’m an 18 year old from … Continue reading 2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

On the Remnants of What Has Come Before

So now we move From the warmth of summer days To the cool chill of autumn evenings As the leaves on the trees begin to lose their color And fall to the Earth once more We proceed Hand in hand Towards a new horizon Each and every day Leaving behind The seasons that have passed … Continue reading On the Remnants of What Has Come Before

That All Else Might Be Illuminated Instead

I was conversing The other night With the voice on the wind On the topic of self And perspective We were discussing How the universe exists Inside of the mind And how naturally The mind places itself at the center As we spoke I posited What I should do To reject this Seeking at the … Continue reading That All Else Might Be Illuminated Instead

These are the Moments

These are the moments To remember So simple But so intricate in the complexity of grand context Sitting quietly around crackling embers The warmth tying us together A nexus for spirits high The sound of the guitar humming in the background Staring softly into the glowing logs As if we can see right into the … Continue reading These are the Moments