Falling Closer Together/We Will Not Fall Apart

Lately I Feel often like crying I cannot stop sighing Say I'm fine But I'm lying… And some days I Want to stop trying, I dream often of dying… Oh, it hangs in my mind Almost all of the time. And now we find We must remain inside Far from the others: Our sisters and … Continue reading Falling Closer Together/We Will Not Fall Apart

May We All Be Blessed

As we begin another year We must look back At what has already passed As well as ahead Towards what may still come to be Recognizing That though many difficulties have stood in our way We have continued nonetheless. There are so many paths forward And each one of them is filled With pain as … Continue reading May We All Be Blessed

Every Breath a Step Into the Darkness

Each day that passes We shape ourselves and the world in which we exist All the while Shaped just the same Molded to fit With each new experience a opportunity To learn and grow To discover what it means To be Every breath we take Is a step forward Into a world of shadows Our … Continue reading Every Breath a Step Into the Darkness

The Value of Contrast

How I have missed The rushing wind The fluid motion And the ground passing quickly beneath my feet It would seem I had forgotten The importance of moving forward Of unallocated time Surrender to chance and momentary escape From the stagnant monotony of a rushed life I must find balance though As time is precious … Continue reading The Value of Contrast

Sometimes, All We Can Do is Listen

Life can be complex Even more so when two lives merge Caring for one's self is a burden in itself But supporting another Comes with challenges That nothing else can really prepare us for We try our best In all of our endeavors Acting In our own way With good intentions Each decision Made upon … Continue reading Sometimes, All We Can Do is Listen