2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

Today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by fellow blogger, Sonali, of the blog Just Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/) Thank you very much to Sonali. Below is my response to this nomination. About Sonali and Just Me According to Sonali's About Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/about-me/): Hello beautiful people, I’m Sonali, the author of Just me. I’m an 18 year old from … Continue reading 2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

Restart (A Belated Response to the “Freedom of Expression” Tag)

I have always loved the rain The way the droplets continue steadily One after another In what must seem an endless free-fall A lifetime of motion Complete with friends and cohorts Allies and enemies Tumbling just the same Down until they can fall no longer Until they reach their violent fate If only for a … Continue reading Restart (A Belated Response to the “Freedom of Expression” Tag)

This Flame, This Sun (Three-Day Quote Challenge v2, Day Two)

"Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." - Sir Thomas Browne Rise, and let the light fall down upon those you love. Do not forget that you are so much more than what you perceive. Does not the aged oak draw rays down but in doing so cast … Continue reading This Flame, This Sun (Three-Day Quote Challenge v2, Day Two)

Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

A while back (sorry, I have been busy as of late...), I was nominated for a Mystery Blogger award by Lawrence Illoc, of the blog Being Bipolar. Trying to break the stigma! (https://bipolaronlineblog.com/). Though it has taken me longer than I would like to respond, I am very honored by this nomination and accept it as … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

Today, I was nominated for a Real Neat Blogger award by Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club (https://thinkingclearly483645316.wordpress.com). Thank you; it is an honor to receive this nomination, especially from such a spectacular fellow blogger. About Thought for Change and The Rendezvous Club Thought for Change is a brilliant young writer who speaks … Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award Nomination