Something To Call Mine

Sunset, sunrise The day; Colliding with the night. The light, the skies The fire in your eyes Burned bright While I Was standing by your side Eyes wide Until You looked at me and sighed And said "Alright, Let's give this thing a try" Inside I died In that period of time Then was Revived … Continue reading Something To Call Mine

Passion Pulse

Do you still feel it The passion pulse The glow from within Beckoning us closer Drawing our breaths to heated shivers Sending waves of anticipation across our eager skin As wild eyes Search without restraint How I long to hold Your fragile form To breathe deep the fragrance That exudes from deep beneath the surface … Continue reading Passion Pulse

In the Silence of the Midnight Hour

These nights Though you are beside me I am by myself And there are mornings as well Where I wake To a day filled with voices and faces and none of them are mine but I am still alone And everything is the same A blur of lights and colors With borders erased But in … Continue reading In the Silence of the Midnight Hour

When the Ground Beneath You Crumbles and Falls Away

When you were younger Every gap and fold Seemed like the end of the road But soon you learned if your Feet left the Earth There weren't many places you could not go Now you are older and the Valleys are wide There are so many obstacles left to cross And though you're still light … Continue reading When the Ground Beneath You Crumbles and Falls Away