2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

Today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by fellow blogger, Sonali, of the blog Just Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/) Thank you very much to Sonali. Below is my response to this nomination. About Sonali and Just Me According to Sonali's About Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/about-me/): Hello beautiful people, I’m Sonali, the author of Just me. I’m an 18 year old from … Continue reading 2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

An Inexplicable Quickening of the Heart

I sometimes imagine death And that which follows as Years and years and years of Being torn apart, Current manifestation of Whole self Becoming So many Satellite selves Splayed across the universe, Each finding their way through All of the edges and bends Of time And space And chance, Collecting and coagulating In small huddled … Continue reading An Inexplicable Quickening of the Heart

On Love and On Marriage – A Collaboration, Part 2

The piece below is part two in a collaboration between myself and the very gifted poet Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club. This piece was written over a period of time through various communications revolving around a Q/A about fear, love, and marriage. The text on the left was written by Though … Continue reading On Love and On Marriage – A Collaboration, Part 2

Though All the While, Traces Linger

Why Must time move so quickly As the days we once knew so well Become but memories Which in turn are made to be A sediment of sentiment Into which the roots of our blooming days are set Forgotten now for what they were Rather consumed and made new Though all the while, traces linger. … Continue reading Though All the While, Traces Linger

Beneath the Same Midnight Gaze

In the late night hours Eyes search for Semblance of form In shadows Moving Strange how What obscures is not Darkness But rather The absence of light Preference for Moonlit paths Over Intermittent incandescent The dim glow Faithful companion A second set of Azure irises Longing both To see and To be seen Strange how … Continue reading Beneath the Same Midnight Gaze