I Tried to Play a Song

I tried to play a song today On an antique wooden piano; I must admit, I know now the first thing about how to do so But neither do I really know How to be this mess of flesh and bone we call "human", Yet here I stand still, So I figured I would give it a shot.

On These Cloudy, Overcast Days

On these cloudy, overcast days The grey flows down from above like rain Pouring over and seeping deep within All that can be seen From the tallest buildings in the heart of downtown To the fields and trees lining the windswept interstate The mind wanders And with it The unfolding events of the afternoon Stumbling … Continue reading On These Cloudy, Overcast Days

The Light that Has Always Been Shining Down

The sun is always shining Whether it falls unobstructed through clear blue skies Or comes down obscured by clouds and intermittent objects Some days It is hard to remember that the sun still burns That there is anything but the grey The fog of daily life filling our lives Pouring over and into our very … Continue reading The Light that Has Always Been Shining Down