Watch the Light

Watch The light Move Listen To the sounds The way they bounce And reflect From and to Those who Need it to see Need it to hear What was there All along. Where does it go Why And what legacy does it leave behind?

So Much Likes Strands of Straw

The moments that compose our lives So much like strands of straw And how hard we try To keep the pieces collected in one place so nicely Not bound so tight as to restrict their natural inclinations to remain distinct Neither left to float at the whim of the wind Sometimes I Grow so tired … Continue reading So Much Likes Strands of Straw

In the Heat of the Fire’s Glow

In the heat of the fire's glow We watch the day's light come and then go The seconds turn to minutes turn to hours then they're gone The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long Evening turns to gloaming turns to darkness turns to dawn Amidst the calm of the falling snow … Continue reading In the Heat of the Fire’s Glow

Days Like These

This piece is a collaboration with the ever-elusive Blackbird of the blog Wandering Thoughts. Text on the left (prompt) was written by Blackbird, while the text on the right (response) was written by Auroraboros. Enjoy! Days like these We realize just how quickly Not only the days pass, But the months and years as well. … Continue reading Days Like These