Poetry Reading – “Trading Demons”

Originally published April 1, 2018, this piece marks a profound shift in my life by way of the introduction of the very near and dear Blackbird, sparking a dynamic which has undergone countless evolutions over the course of several years up to where it is today. This piece explores our early exchanges of painful memories, … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Trading Demons”

Poetry Reading – “The Difference Between”

Originally published March 25, 2018. "The Difference Between" - Recorded 2/9/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/03/25/the-difference-between/ I am learningThe difference betweenIntimacy and passionate embraceEgg in your mouth and egg on your faceA kiss on the … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “The Difference Between”

Poetry Reading – “Adrift”

Today's reading is a very short piece, but meaningful in showing how lost I was at the time, yet how despite that, I had a glimmer of hope in that I was doing my best to leverage routine and friendships (no matter how fleeting) to stay afloat. "Adrift" - Recorded 12/31/2020 - Auroraboros - Objects, … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Adrift”

Poetry Reading – “Say I Love You”

Hello everyone, I have finally recorded my first audio version of one of my poems (outside of the experimental recordings in the anechoic/echo chambers), and I am excited to share it here as an update to my 2018 piece "Say I Love You". I have wanting to do this been working up to this for … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Say I Love You”