In Tehran

In Tehran, There is no hope, "A living hell" So they say on the TV box and in the pages filled With so many carefully chosen words.   This is fine, Really, To be expected. I mean, Tehran is not in the United States, And that is just what happens When you are not in … Continue reading In Tehran

Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

Take this chance Don't wait too long You never really know What could have been Until the moment's gone Passing up what is right Fearing what might Go wrong Move when you feel the beat What makes you think This is anyone else's song It was yours all along So make it fun Slide left … Continue reading Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

Today, I was nominated for a Real Neat Blogger award by Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club ( Thank you; it is an honor to receive this nomination, especially from such a spectacular fellow blogger. About Thought for Change and The Rendezvous Club Thought for Change is a brilliant young writer who speaks … Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

Choices Worth Fighting For (Three-Day Quote Challenge v1, Day Two)

"The ability to choose is something I believe is worth spending my life fighting for." -MJ(S)C (Full Original Work Added Below Poem) In times like these It is often easy to forget That each movement we make Is a decision Of our own volition A selection from The jukebox that is life We often wake … Continue reading Choices Worth Fighting For (Three-Day Quote Challenge v1, Day Two)