Portal (6)

"Portal (6)" - Recorded 3/17/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them We've been holding the gates, the rift,Watching through the lifting mist,For spirits unknown lone to rise,Scorch the Earth, sever ties;Lo! What a surprise for our eyes,To see, waiting, on the other side,Our own forms, reaching through,Amber hue and Azure Blue,Crimson scars … Continue reading Portal (6)

Poetry Reading – “Trading Demons”

Originally published April 1, 2018, this piece marks a profound shift in my life by way of the introduction of the very near and dear Blackbird, sparking a dynamic which has undergone countless evolutions over the course of several years up to where it is today. This piece explores our early exchanges of painful memories, … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Trading Demons”

in a room without windows

"in a room without windows" - Recorded 2/11/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them to seea light where there is noneblessedto observe as wellan absence ofin abundanceknowing darkness is not light aslight is not darknessyetwithout onethe other cannot be in a room without windowslight enters onlythrough wired bulbs or flickering wicksillumination by … Continue reading in a room without windows

Poetry Reading – “Even Evil”

Originally published March 16, 2018. Audio and thematic drawing added 1/31/2021. "Even Evil" - Recorded 1/31/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at https://objectsanddistance.com/2018/03/16/even-evil/ I know you have seen themIn the cornersOf empty roomsIn the stillness that comesJust … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Even Evil”

Poetry Reading – “Objects, and the Distance Between Them”

Well, today seemed the day to finally revisit the collaboration that started this all, the namesake of this blog and a catalyst for a massive change in our life. This piece was one of our first collaborations, and it was so fitting that it would be with perhaps the longest-running friend I've ever had, Riley … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Objects, and the Distance Between Them”