That You May Never Feel Alone

They've entered your thoughts again, my dear, And by now I hope it's clear They've no interest in your best interest They offer nothing to you but fear. They've come to take what can be taken, To shake free what can be shaken, To pilfer while you're lulled to sleep, So my darling, please awaken. … Continue reading That You May Never Feel Alone

I Dreamt Last Night of Someone Who Wanted to Send My Love Away

Last night, I dreamt Of someone who loved me, Someone who Wanted me To be something, To be anything More To them But then you, Yes, you Told them To go home Yes, you told them to "go home", You said this wasn't their home And they were welcome no more, Whether you meant it, … Continue reading I Dreamt Last Night of Someone Who Wanted to Send My Love Away

Never Have I Seen Before

Never have I seen before A light that shines as yours What you exude Cannot be found In markets or in stores. The world around you seems to glow Colors come alive Time seems to slow To shimmer To stop Your silhouette Captured In the very light Which falls around you like snow. Never have … Continue reading Never Have I Seen Before

Such Precious Substrates As These

This piece is a collaboration between myself and Blackbird of the blog Wandering Thoughts. Blackbird: I can only hope To never forget This moment Your eyes A more vibrant Brilliant hue Than that Fresh open Mountain sky. The clear air Rustling our shirts And your dark Perfect ringlets That others may Mistakenly describe As messy … Continue reading Such Precious Substrates As These

Beyond the Surface

There are some among us who Possess a sheen As diamonds But they are transparent just the same And their value Determined as such Inferred by The world outside of themselves Not always inherent in Fully realized by Their hearts There are others who Despite rough appearance Contain an inner glow That outlasts Outshines All … Continue reading Beyond the Surface