To Sleep is Not Always to Dream

To sleep is not always to dream. Why then Do we assume that to dream We must always be sleeping? We have seen the vacant look in the eyes of Colleagues, Friends, Strangers on the Green Line train; We have wandered the empty hallways and corridors of buildings vacant all other human life, A curious … Continue reading To Sleep is Not Always to Dream

An Inexplicable Quickening of the Heart

I sometimes imagine death And that which follows as Years and years and years of Being torn apart, Current manifestation of Whole self Becoming So many Satellite selves Splayed across the universe, Each finding their way through All of the edges and bends Of time And space And chance, Collecting and coagulating In small huddled … Continue reading An Inexplicable Quickening of the Heart

Life, and the Path It Follows

The Earth is alive Even when it is sleeping Under so many layers Of ice and debris Clinging tightly To the frozen ground As loose debris blows Gently over the layered snow Traveling From place to place Participating In an equation far too complex to be captured within the realm of our understanding An equation … Continue reading Life, and the Path It Follows

The Cold Slips In

The cold slips in Through the thin sheets of glass which separate What lies within From the outer world And over time A chill is felt As hairs stand on end A warning A call for warmth and a reminder That harsh conditions exist Just inches from the space we inhabit Inhospitable Unfriendly Improbable and … Continue reading The Cold Slips In

Each With Their Own Story to Tell

Do we not all exist As figures in a grand portrait Captured Each second In a cosmic still-life Our lives existing Within As well as between Each vibration Each motion Each advancement of the scene? We are all here Together Huddled On an improbable And utterly awesome Sphere of space debris That is spinning through … Continue reading Each With Their Own Story to Tell

To Not Be Filled with Wonder

Inspired by the poem Not to Wonder by Tornadoday. To not be filled with wonder When staring up at the starry skies above When looking out at the great expanse and seeing only light In all directions Moving So fast And yet so slowly As representations of long-dead distant worlds float ceaselessly through empty space … Continue reading To Not Be Filled with Wonder


Every thought you think A thousand new ideas Every word you communicate A thousand chances for connection Every choice you make A thousand opportunities created Every action you take A thousand equal and distinct reactions You are a drop of water unto the world Every motion you make Sends out ripples In each and every … Continue reading Ripples

For Those Who We Have Lost and Those Who Remain

Daylight Enter Soul might Exit Come As they go Desperate and Alone Eyes they change Shining white to Crystal grey There must be Another way For though You no longer See Those who are left Can still Perceive This isn't how it Should be Some might say This act Display A silent Screaming way To … Continue reading For Those Who We Have Lost and Those Who Remain