Poetry Reading – “Extrication (Crescent Terminal)”

Originally published April 16, 2018, this piece marked the end of the Crescent Collection (aside from the Eclipse), and the end of this journey, though, at the same time, a new one had just begun... (as they always do). "Extrication (Crescent Terminal)" - Recorded 3/13/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them The … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Extrication (Crescent Terminal)”

Extrication (Crescent Terminal)

Part of a three-part set. In the Second-Hand Light of the Crescent Moon (Left Crescent) Extrication (Crescent Terminal) The Unparsed Past (Right Crescent) I am Sum of Balance between My mistakes and Thin spaces between Concatenate Past failures with Consequences thereof Past successes with Reward gained Delimit by Extrication Pivot to Dashboard Patterns emerge Print; … Continue reading Extrication (Crescent Terminal)