2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

Today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by fellow blogger, Sonali, of the blog Just Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/) Thank you very much to Sonali. Below is my response to this nomination. About Sonali and Just Me According to Sonali's About Me (https://justmecompany.wordpress.com/about-me/): Hello beautiful people, I’m Sonali, the author of Just me. I’m an 18 year old from … Continue reading 2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

We Have Seen Love Wither and Die

We have seen love, Time and time again, Grow tall from / cast shadows on Soil (de)composed of, Remnant desire long grown cold, Ready to be transformed to Roots / Branches / Leaves Vessels for Blossoming symbol of hope for Something akin to Ephemeral passion. We extend on trembling palm Renewed red rose -unprotected- To … Continue reading We Have Seen Love Wither and Die

Even A Little Lost

This piece was written in collaboration with someone who submitted the first piece to me, which truly inspired me in a way I have not been in some time. Unfortunately, this person did not provide their information so I do not have anything more to credit them with. If you are the author, please let … Continue reading Even A Little Lost

The Sky is Dark, Save for the Distant Stars

The moon is melting again See it Dripping through the tops of the trees Cascading down through the branches Into silver pools Sinking even further Beneath the soil And into the roots themselves So that soon All will be luminescent Glowing With the captive light of the daytime sun But without the crescent on high … Continue reading The Sky is Dark, Save for the Distant Stars

In What Comes After the Storm

Now the days grow short And the sun sleeps Resting As I often wish I could Preparing For the coming freeze The leaves begin to drop from their branches Leaving behind All that they have ever known Twisting and drifting in their descent Until at last they lay to rest upon the cool earth At … Continue reading In What Comes After the Storm

The Unparsed Past (Left Crescent)

Part of a three-part set. In the Second-Hand Light of the Crescent Moon (Right Crescent) Extrication (Crescent Terminal) The Unparsed Past (Left Crescent) Settling Ashes of All I know All I am Not to rise The phoenix slumbers Dreaming of Frozen tundra The birth of A new star Destined only To fall without Semblance Streams … Continue reading The Unparsed Past (Left Crescent)