(you) can’t go through doors that aren’t open

"(you) can’t go through doors that aren't open" - Recorded 2/27/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them ran throughyouone twosun andmoon toorun tohallwayshoneycomb hivekeys to locksnewslidenever enterinsidekeep centertryto findother sidedon't hideno dry eyesno goodbyeson the slyno skyno godsno tiescut looseno bindnot to losemindnot to hold tightthat which craves lightfinding life in dark … Continue reading (you) can’t go through doors that aren’t open


Hovering hives Buzzing to the beat Million wings moving Unified in undulation Power is not permanent Source does not always remain strongest Often new strongholds surpass the original Respect is often a veiled repudiation Queen is not quick Speed is in the servants Creation is crucial Empires are ephemeral