Where Once the Salamanders

Where once the salamanders Came to crawl and make their beds Along the flowers beneath the windows perched On cool summer nights Soon to be plucked and carefully set upon The dewy grass. Now there are but biting beetles, Buckthorn trees that shout loudly like used car salesmen when they see an easy mark, Dried … Continue reading Where Once the Salamanders

I Wait for You, In Darkness

This poem is a collaboration between Thought for Change, of the blog The Rendezvous Club and Auroraboros, of the blog Objects, and the Distance Between Them. Update: You can view Thought for Change's posting of this piece at: https://thinkingclearly483645316.wordpress.com/2018/07/14/i-wait-for-you-in-darkness/ I've never seen you Yet I know you completely We haven't talked yet But your voice … Continue reading I Wait for You, In Darkness

Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

Take this chance Don't wait too long You never really know What could have been Until the moment's gone Passing up what is right Fearing what might Go wrong Move when you feel the beat What makes you think This is anyone else's song It was yours all along So make it fun Slide left … Continue reading Where It’s Warm and It’s Bright

For I Do Not Walk in Solitude

Most days I stand tall Facing the rising sun With the breeze in my hair And a gentle hum Eminating from my heart Assured of my purpose And ready To face each new challenge That arises With an optimistic drive And a passion for living But then there come Days like the blackest night In … Continue reading For I Do Not Walk in Solitude