Poetry Reading – “Assumed Unwanted”

Originally published April 15, 2018, this piece spoke to my perceived worth and social/emotional isolation, a result of many years of repression of trauma and self, and then way it affected and was affected by my relationships with others. It is very meaningful to me to look back at how far I have come from … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Assumed Unwanted”

Poetry Reading – “Assumptions and Practical Cynicism”

Originally published March 6, 2018, this piece was day one of a Three-Day Quote Challenge from one of my beloved blog authors, Dee. I miss those days, and the community I found here. I am sorry to everyone that I have not been as active. My life has changed, and I cannot go back, though … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Assumptions and Practical Cynicism”

Assumptions and Practical Cynicism (Three-Day Quote Challenge v1, Day One)

Assume the worst of others, but expect their best. - Mel DeHaan Assume the best Of everyone Knowing full well That they are capable Of their worst Be prepared To be hurt And to have your world Shattered By those you love Know though That nothing is built to last Forever Sometimes it is for … Continue reading Assumptions and Practical Cynicism (Three-Day Quote Challenge v1, Day One)