Poetry Reading – “Satellites / Recon”

Originally published February 23, 2018, this piece carries with it the questions I still hold to this day, interspersed as always, likely never to be fully answered but an answer sought just the same. 🛰 "Satellites / Recon" - Recorded 1/10/2021 The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Satellites / Recon”

That the Rains Might Fall

"That the Rains Might Fall" - Recorded 12/23/2020 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them I long for…love. Your love,and to love you just the same. Not merely to receive,neither to give,but to know,to feel,to be a part of, as if immersed in a flowing stream. All I have,all I am,on the altar … Continue reading That the Rains Might Fall

Born into Fire (3-Day Quote Challenge, Day One)

"There are not classes in life for beginners: right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult." -Rainer Maria Rilke We are born Wet bodies Falling to earth Desperate and alone Breathing air Only for a moment Before we are immersed In the flames Of trial and error Stripped clean Purged … Continue reading Born into Fire (3-Day Quote Challenge, Day One)