oh, mea culpa (8, again)

"oh, mea culpa (8, again)" - Auroraboros - Recorded 2/24/2021 - Objects, and the Distance Between Them wehave always wereandare(our name is blue star)where the sign isthat which makes youso farall golden yellow pink and orangefresh yetcrawling naked in the rottenEarth and fleshrivers reddeadferment soiled fed to wedEmerald shimmer your dress nowI am not Godbut … Continue reading oh, mea culpa (8, again)

8s Wild

"8s Wild" - Recorded 1/28/2021 - Auroraboros - Objects, and the Distance Between Them Draw 2Win / loseWild mindLost nowTo findAs glovesIn chairTablesideFelt greenCards downFelt glowTake bowFollow flowBet 2On blueSince birthBled throughShed skinFed backNo worthNot redNot blackNo turnGet backNo songSlow burnSlot trackAll wrongGet gone2 whereBelongNo PaulNo JohnNo WallFresh startNo shortNo longPurple, BlueBruised heartDepartBlue nowPale horseRed … Continue reading 8s Wild