This is a curated, hand-picked list of some of the author’s favorite pieces.

Recent Favorites

Oh, Window Pane!

Oh, Window Pane!My God, my only hope!I would break you from your tether that I might make all my own the trees and the birds which you have captured just for me!In jars and vials, shadow boxes felted and gold embossed, pins … Continue reading Oh, Window Pane!

Flowers in the Snow

For you; yes, you. For us. For what comes next. Broke crust; boot to Earth.In winter’s step, new to grow.Descend to(o), sanctum deep.Observe: bones,Picked clean, long ago.Mid-day, sun gleam.Bright light, dark though. Bow now.Lit, torch.Cast toWhite glow. New ground.New row. Flowers, in … Continue reading Flowers in the Snow

From the Archives

Truth is Blind

This piece was inspired by the piece By the Light of the Lying Moon, written by Maggie L of the blog The Art of Chewing Crayons.

Choice and Trust

Combing through Remnants Of what was Finding Nothing Wondering If there was ever anything here To begin with Or if this is all Just a lie We tell ourselves That we might close our eyes And have something to forget