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Three Poems by Lucas the Cat

A series of poems, from our favorite feline friend, Lucas the Cat. “I see the birds”By LucasI see the birdsUp in the trees,I see the birds;Can kill them please? “Laptop-top is me”by LucasOn lap top sits laptop,This, I see,So sits on laptop;Laptop-top is me. “I meow for food”By Lucas”I meow for food,Human please?!Don’t you hear?Don’t … Continue reading Three Poems by Lucas the Cat

No Diamante, a Sua Preciosidade

This piece was written in collaboration with one of my most cherished friends, a Brazilian diamond in her own right, Sunflower. My sincere gratitude to her for the beautiful lines she has provided, and for the creative energy that was produced by this collaboration. I have dearly missed working together in this manner. Sunflower: A … Continue reading No Diamante, a Sua Preciosidade

2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

Today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by fellow blogger, Sonali, of the blog Just Me ( Thank you very much to Sonali. Below is my response to this nomination. About Sonali and Just Me According to Sonali’s About Me ( Hello beautiful people, I’m Sonali, the author of Just me. I’m an 18 year old from … Continue reading 2020 Liebster Nomination (Sonali)

For What We Left Behind

Some day we shall all find rest On a sandy ocean floor As a whale carcass, picked clean By octopi and other such creatures Our name // our journey // our story Unknown Absent in Articles which focus instead on The life which is sustained By that which we once were A spectacle Wonder to … Continue reading For What We Left Behind

Feathered Wings

Feathered wings,In turn,Fold andSlow-burn,Melting likeA good sinWhere doesOne end,Where does,The next begin? Four flames,Two twins,Four candles,Flicker now in the wind. Warm air,Blowing in,Holding you,Blowing out and blowing through. East-west,Coast to coast,Your ghost,The part of us I miss the most. Pinch of Earth,In both hands,From either pole,North/South,Dry land. Blown out,Floating now,Wait for…The sedentary come down,Hold strong,Hold … Continue reading Feathered Wings


What a change the past year has brought, both personally and globally, as we see a range of new challenges and opportunities present themselves. The world is in a state of crisis, burdened with not only a deadly pandemic, but a complete failure of many leaders to truly acknowledge and deal with the problem and … Continue reading Changes

We Are As a Drop of Water

We are as a drop of water Falling through space And time; What And who We interact with along the way Become Both what we experience As well as what we are. We must be kind And caring To all we interact with Showing love and mercy, Being to them As we wish they would … Continue reading We Are As a Drop of Water

That You May Never Feel Alone

They’ve entered your thoughts again, my dear, And by now I hope it’s clear They’ve no interest in your best interest They offer nothing to you but fear. They’ve come to take what can be taken, To shake free what can be shaken, To pilfer while you’re lulled to sleep, So my darling, please awaken. … Continue reading That You May Never Feel Alone


I have a friend who tells me she is broken, as so many pieces, shattered and scattered across the years, and I must admit I feel this way at times. There are moments when I am weak, finding myself alone in so many ways, despite the comforting words, the presence, even the intimate embrace of … Continue reading Broken

a winged lament

the butterfly must lament, even if briefly, the loss of the cocoon, mourning departure from familiar home. unaware its new form, yet undefined, a shape emerges from cracked and peeling shell, losing as it does the smell of safety, tight pressure against aching limbs, eyes wet with dew and tears for what is no more… … Continue reading a winged lament

A Stormy Sea/A Sunny Day

A stormy sea is still A stormy sea, It matters not How it used to be… A sunny day is still A sunny day, It matters not If it has always been that way, Nor if ever once more it will be.

In the World Today

In the world today There is a yawning But it is not from lack of sleep… Rather, Too many have slept for far too long And are waking to see That the world has changed And that they must adapt to survive. I stepped out into the world today Without ever leaving the house, I … Continue reading In the World Today

My Father and Horses

My mother making dinner for her children, Alone. We were together Once more. My father and horses. The gates had all fallen down, And I ran to see. Walking up the hill, He looked at me and said: “Is that my son? No, it couldn’t be…” Without hesitation, He kept walking.

When We Speak for Ourselves

When others speak for us, We are often reminded of our differences. When we speak for ourselves, We discover our similarities.

The Sounds of Springtime

The birds are singing to one another now, They do not sing to us, But we are listening. New buds are growing slowly on the ends of branches, Displacing ever so slightly the air around them, Coming to our ears as a low hum, And we wonder: To how many monsoons could this movement be … Continue reading The Sounds of Springtime

Yet to Be Defined

Deep dive to Shallow pool Through and Into the black; Jump right back. “It’s just a reflection.” …shivers down my spine. All distance: A journey, Yet to be defined. All longing: Absence, Yet to be defined.

Will We Ever Learn?

“Will we ever learn?” A question we ask Time and time again, The answer only found in -unwavering- pursuit thereof.

We Have Seen Love Wither and Die

We have seen love, Time and time again, Grow tall from / cast shadows on Soil (de)composed of, Remnant desire long grown cold, Ready to be transformed to Roots / Branches / Leaves Vessels for Blossoming symbol of hope for Something akin to Ephemeral passion. We extend on trembling palm Renewed red rose -unprotected- To … Continue reading We Have Seen Love Wither and Die

Used to Be/Still Are

I want to drink you down, Just like that bottle of lavender syrup The one you gifted me -Purple & sweet- Just like you Used to be / still are Somewhere underneath that lid of yours -Sealed tight- To keep your contents From spilling to the earth below. Or maybe… I can learn to simply … Continue reading Used to Be/Still Are


New life grows Within; When the chrysalis finally falls away, What will emerge?

I Will / Never / Forget

I will… Never / be the same person who used to rise at 5:30am every morning / ready within 15 minutes / on my bicycle in –15 degree weather / no gloves and a smile on my face / sun shining down / Greet each morning / embrace the new day / maybe on a … Continue reading I Will / Never / Forget

The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part III (Even When It Cannot Be Seen)

A thick, black fog hangs low over this place now. Long shadows cast by rolling waves of darkness spilling across the houses and walkways. With each passing second, breathing becomes increasingly labored.   The windswept streets grow empty and desolate, As the life that once filled them hides behind doors and walls of brick, As … Continue reading The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part III (Even When It Cannot Be Seen)

What Weighs on the Heart

What weighs on the heart Is heaviest of all, For a burden on That vital part Can bring us down, Overall, Can remind us That we are So very small. Hope remains, Here as in all other ways, Just as the darkest nights Often lead to the brightest days. For what is heavy on the … Continue reading What Weighs on the Heart

Through the Hard Winter

Lykke tells me That in Iran There is a saying: Stand and resist in hard days just like “sarv” (the evergreen), let nothing wither your greenery. Not only is this a beautiful statement of resilience, But it is also another sign to me That we are all not so different As we are alike; This … Continue reading Through the Hard Winter

I Tried to Play a Song

I tried to play a song today
On an antique wooden piano;
I must admit,
I know now the first thing about how to do so
But neither do I really know
How to be this mess of flesh and bone we call “human”,
Yet here I stand still,
So I figured I would give it a shot.

Where Once the Salamanders

Where once the salamanders Came to crawl and make their beds Along the flowers beneath the windows perched On cool summer nights Soon to be plucked and carefully set upon The dewy grass. Now there are but biting beetles, Buckthorn trees that shout loudly like used car salesmen when they see an easy mark, Dried … Continue reading Where Once the Salamanders


This piece was written in collaboration with the light-bringer Lykke, my dear friend whose prose inspired a deluge of thoughts and actions, as well the words below. My sincere thanks to her for all we have discussed and all we still have to learn from each other. Lykke: Milestones… When my day starts here Your … Continue reading Milestones

Black Magic Can Heal Too

I feel like the world has forgotten: Black magic can heal too.   (And don’t think for a second That I am not aware of the fact that the word “black” in that sentence Has come to mean far more than darkness in terms of a lack of light.)   You see I have come … Continue reading Black Magic Can Heal Too

Even A Little Lost

This piece was written in collaboration with someone who submitted the first piece to me, which truly inspired me in a way I have not been in some time. Unfortunately, this person did not provide their information so I do not have anything more to credit them with. If you are the author, please let … Continue reading Even A Little Lost

In Tehran

In Tehran, There is no hope, “A living hell” So they say on the TV box and in the pages filled With so many carefully chosen words.   This is fine, Really, To be expected. I mean, Tehran is not in the United States, And that is just what happens When you are not in … Continue reading In Tehran

Have You Ever Known…

Have you ever known A grown man to weep? It is A shameful Natural? Beautiful. Occurrence To witness As well as to experience. Have you ever known An infant to sob late into the night? It is A tragedy Of cosmic (comic?) proportions. Have you ever known A pachyderm to mourn The passing of another, … Continue reading Have You Ever Known…

For Fear

If you only knew That the horrors which bare their teeth from the shadows Bare them not Because they feel superior And because they wish to consume you, But rather, Because they are afraid And they are blinded By the light which you cast Into their world of only themselves, In which the natural light … Continue reading For Fear

On a Sunday Morning in October

There is a soul sickness in the church. I can smell it on them As they stumble in to the American Legion on Burma Ave And proceed to verbally and emotionally abuse the serving staff Then retreat to their huddled circles To debate whether their all-encompassing love Could ever be extended to those whose values … Continue reading On a Sunday Morning in October

In All Things

In all things The blade of grass The drop of dew The girl on the other side of the world who does not know How much she really means But will soon Even if she forgets again soon after In all things Light And a potential for it to go out Just the same as … Continue reading In All Things

You Will

For Pranad. If you dream it You can And may already have. If you follow it You will.

Watch the Light

Watch The light Move Listen To the sounds The way they bounce And reflect From and to Those who Need it to see Need it to hear What was there All along. Where does it go Why And what legacy does it leave behind?

Stories and Lore

Stories and lore! Stories and lore! How could We have forgotten Stories and lore?!

Failure by Design

Failure by design; The shareholders were silent, Beaming From the balcony below.

The Question

In love with the question, No answer would suffice.

Sisters, They

Sisters, They Sing so sweetly If only In a pitch Not meant For listening to.

The Stream

The stream had run Through the middle Of the property For as long As they had lived there But not a one Had ever known Why Or from where It flowed. Now They know.

Now, We Wait

I We We because There is no I Where we We came From A dream Came in A cloud A storm In which There only was And there was only Not. Now We wait.

Pinprick Curl

Pinprick curl: You and I. Fold and grow… Fold and grow. All things must… All things must. Divide… To align. Divide… To survive. Built to… Built to go: To fall from the counter To linoleum and rubble Below.

“We’re Going to Talk About Judy”

This is Not a poem, At least not As you are used to, But I Have been quiet; It is not for lack of love, As I have missed you dearly, I simply had Nothing to say. I finally have Something to say.

Where Two Lines Meet

Often Conflict Beauty Hope Where two lines meet

That Which Does Not Waver

In this life it seems We are given Many precious objects and memories Which we treasure And love Above All but those We hold dear It would seem That what is precious Does not remain But rather traverses The dunes of time To be encountered and cherished But never to be taken As fixed We … Continue reading That Which Does Not Waver

A Pause

At times A pause Is needed A break In time To rest In the stillness Reflect upon What has been And prepare for What is yet to come The sun shines bright On a world of whistling white drifts and slush-filled alleyways And on the air There is a touch of spring A sense Of … Continue reading A Pause

The Hum of a City Waiting

So the day has passed And now I sit Contemplative Resting in the comfort and stillness of the night air Watching As shadows move across the ceiling above As the walls hold strong in their resolve to remain I listen To the gentle sound of the wind And can hear as well Passing cars Laughter … Continue reading The Hum of a City Waiting

Never Have I Seen Before

Never have I seen before A light that shines as yours What you exude Cannot be found In markets or in stores. The world around you seems to glow Colors come alive Time seems to slow To shimmer To stop Your silhouette Captured In the very light Which falls around you like snow. Never have … Continue reading Never Have I Seen Before

It Is Quiet

It is Quiet Despite the sound Of the house Settling in To its century-old foundation Nestled amongst A sea of concrete Dotted with the glassy-eyed denizens And their jet-black motorcars Passing And stopping And departing again Until they reach Where they are going Wherever that might be

Day Bleeds to Night

Day bleeds To night As the Long rays of Warm light Fade in To view Fade out Of sight


You’re so Arcane In Every way Just a stalwart to be For the better part Of a century You kept So quiet As every tear drop Fell Upon the stone Watch the hands On the clock Far above Turn the day away As the sun turns Just the same ‘Round the same Same old Earth … Continue reading Arcane

On the Edges of Oblivion

There is no storm so great as that which gathers In the space bereft the light of the sun In the space outside Of sight Of mind Of time Resting Just on the edges of Oblivion

Art Is

Art is An exploration of self To self An analysis Of what it means To communicate To express To feel The artist carves their statement Out of whatever medium Into existence From nothing A complexity Arisen from a force not accounted for Which begins At the center

A Waiting World

Ice grey trail Stonework cracked All smiling and white from fallen snow But beneath You are still Dirt and worms Moss and grass A waiting world Stories Hold for Sunlight summer


Disintegrate: To be removed From a state Of integration.


The world turns Faster At times Than we might like it to Exposing as it does The fragility of our lives As we grow And age And one day fall back to the soil once more

The Oarfish Has Arisen

The Oarfish has arisen From its home beneath the waves It journeys from the shadowed depths To the surface to be safe It feels the earth’s vibrations In the silence where it dwells And in this way knows many secrets Which it can nor will ever tell The Oarfish has arisen Board the windows Lock … Continue reading The Oarfish Has Arisen

At Times, We

At times, we Want so badly for something to believe in That we will believe Anything. At times, we Want nothing more Than for everything to go As it is supposed to, As it should, As we so badly wish it would, But just as often We find That life proceeds In a direction unplanned … Continue reading At Times, We

In a Cold State

We groan And yawn Restless But contained Within walls Which house our forms As well as the warmth which makes them so We huddle In sweaters And under sheets Comfortable But restless Waiting for the Earth to turn Watching for the sun to rise We live In a cold state

Some Moments

Some moments Are never lost But live on In memories We should hope That the memories we forge Are those based On times of joy And moments of progress As well as those That help to remind us where it is we came from And the choices we have made The risks that were taken … Continue reading Some Moments

There is a Time

There is time For pressing forward For strength And there is time For rest.

Only Distance

The wind whistles softly Through the space between Point A Point B All the while Stars rush outward Approaching their maximum possible velocity Leaving behind Only distance

Off the Map

You were Off the map But somehow I found you.

Life, and the Path It Follows

The Earth is alive Even when it is sleeping Under so many layers Of ice and debris Clinging tightly To the frozen ground As loose debris blows Gently over the layered snow Traveling From place to place Participating In an equation far too complex to be captured within the realm of our understanding An equation … Continue reading Life, and the Path It Follows

The Cold Slips In

The cold slips in Through the thin sheets of glass which separate What lies within From the outer world And over time A chill is felt As hairs stand on end A warning A call for warmth and a reminder That harsh conditions exist Just inches from the space we inhabit Inhospitable Unfriendly Improbable and … Continue reading The Cold Slips In

Each With Their Own Story to Tell

Do we not all exist As figures in a grand portrait Captured Each second In a cosmic still-life Our lives existing Within As well as between Each vibration Each motion Each advancement of the scene? We are all here Together Huddled On an improbable And utterly awesome Sphere of space debris That is spinning through … Continue reading Each With Their Own Story to Tell

On a Cold Day in January

On a cold day in January I watch As snowflakes fall to the frozen ground Softly Retaining their elegant structure To form a thin membrane across the surface of the Earth Even in distribution A reflection In so many ways Of the very symmetry each individual shape carries in it’s fragile form In time The … Continue reading On a Cold Day in January

A World of Open Doors

From smashing rocks To smashing atoms; The human learns: Wonder Is a doorway To understanding, And understanding Is a world of open doors.

To Not Be Filled with Wonder

Inspired by the poem Not to Wonder by Tornadoday. To not be filled with wonder When staring up at the starry skies above When looking out at the great expanse and seeing only light In all directions Moving So fast And yet so slowly As representations of long-dead distant worlds float ceaselessly through empty space … Continue reading To Not Be Filled with Wonder


Whether you return after the day is done To a warm bed and a meal Or to a place where no-one goes Where the world outside does not seem real You should always know you have a home You have a place where you are valued A space in which you and your life exist … Continue reading Home


My dear, Do you not understand, Your value is inherent; There is nothing can define your worth, In your heart it is apparent. The way you smile, The way you laugh, The way you view the world around you Each little thing that makes you “you” Makes me so glad I’ve found you. I care … Continue reading You.

You Are Always Near

My darling though there have been times When your body is not here I know I’m never quite alone For you are always near I hear you in the blowing wind Which dances with the trees I see your smile in the sun Which filters through the leaves When rain or snow fall from the … Continue reading You Are Always Near

Black Dog

Black dog wakes up in the morning and looks outside so he can see the sky; He likes to watch the sun rise. But then it’s back to sleep, Gone, but for a moment, Lost in dreams until the master cries: “Oh, black dog… rise.” Yearning, Dreaming of another; Life it seems Is always passing … Continue reading Black Dog

Fog Moon

Empty Feel like Something Not right Dead dreams Dark night Fog moon No light Sun rise New day New hope New way

All the World Waits

All the world waits For you Though surely there are times Where it may feel Like it is just beyond your reach A realm unto itself To be observed But not to be interacted with Know this That you are Not alone There is so much that is not understood About this place which we … Continue reading All the World Waits

From Nothing

We were born So long ago Forged into being Made to be Something From nothing A vast expanse From an empty void Spinning outward Driving onward Until We are nothing Once more

Where We Fit In

There is no sky above No Earth below Just space Time Unfolding Collapsing and expanding Flowing through Around Between All of objects and the distance between them Filling Each and every corner Until there is nothing to separate The black from the white The light from the darkness The shadows of night From the glow … Continue reading Where We Fit In


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