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I have been traveling,but I am not really playing,at least not yetand I am still at home. Swaggy from China wants to go to see the Timberwolves play,a real NBA game, he says. I’ve never really cared much for such things,aside from the roar of the crowd and the passion of others,but maybe I am … Continue reading Traveling

Poetry Reading – “There’s None Compares to You”

Originally published April 8, 2018, this piece speaks to the incomparable beauty found in love, the dissolution of all else in light of that we have come to adore. The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at I wanted to write a poemIn which I compared youTo … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “There’s None Compares to You”

(you) can’t go through doors that aren’t open

ran throughyouone twosun andmoon toorun tohallwayshoneycomb hivekeys to locksnewslidenever enterinsidekeep centertryto findother sidedon’t hideno dry eyesno goodbyeson the slyno skyno godsno tiescut looseno bindnot to losemindnot to hold tightthat which craves lightfinding life in dark sidemake friends with dead fliesspin truth from bad liesmake wishhopingloaves/fishcopingmake do with what can doknow tooyoucan’t hear what isn’t spokencan’t … Continue reading (you) can’t go through doors that aren’t open

of love and fear

For that which goes “bump” in the night. afraidof the creatures which move in the shadows at nightor those which crawl at all hours of the dayacross the ground withall too many legs orno legs at all seekingto crush beneath heel orsmash with fist upon the granite countertopwiping clean the surface of twitching remainsand tossing … Continue reading of love and fear

Обнять (To Embrace)

This piece was written in collaboration with Dilara, a good friend from Russia who is one of many wonderful people I have met on Ablo over the course of the last several years. Dilara, you are a wonderful friend, and an inspiration, both in terms of life and writing. I am so grateful that we … Continue reading Обнять (To Embrace)

Poetry Reading – “Into New Water”

Originally published April 7, 2018, this piece discusses the concept of change and balance, rest and focus, movement and stillness. The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at Into new waterDeep and wideCan’t see bottomAbove, no skiesFloat for a whileWon’t sink, won’t riseTread, wait to “see”All ears;No … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “Into New Water”

oh, mea culpa (8, again)

wehave always wereandare(our name is blue star)where the sign isthat which makes youso farall golden yellow pink and orangefresh yetcrawling naked in the rottenEarth and fleshrivers reddeadferment soiled fed to wedEmerald shimmer your dress nowI am not Godbut I have made this world for youand I would send rainto burn it to the groundbeDamnedbreathing bleedingsandinmyhand … Continue reading oh, mea culpa (8, again)


Note: Due to formatting, the title here is not correct (though, what is?). This poem is called 22_now_22. Thank you for your understanding. Full disclosure and credit due, I’ve been listening to the album 22, A Million by Bon Iver lately, starting yesterday 2/22/2021, at the suggestion of my dear friend Blackbird, and it has … Continue reading 2^2_now_2^2


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