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On Letting Go

I miss you more than you will ever know,but I’ve been working hard on letting go. INever thought you’d bein myevery thought,every dream,every sigh,every scream,every sight,every sound,yet in my life:never around,webelieved we had founddestiny,“meant to be”together;it broke my heartto see,apart,ties severed,plain as day:your blackbird wings were made to fly free,to carry you away,from me. Knowing … Continue reading On Letting Go

A Place to Call My Own (Home 2)

Part One: An Expression of Self (Home 1) Skin clings to bone likeHome:A place to call my own,A foreign word,In a near-forgotten phrase,I have not known inOh, so many ways,Distant now inTime and space,A remnant ofPrior days,Save for warm embrace,Sacred moments withMy twin flame,Warmed by the smile onYour face,Until the moment fades andFlies away,As a … Continue reading A Place to Call My Own (Home 2)

An Expression of Self (Home 1)

Part Two: A Place to Call My Own (Home 2) An expression ofSelfNot always pretty lines and floral printNot alwaysGreen grass and candles, lit Dark mass on dirt earth, feetThe smell of piss/sweat/breath/ taste meSalt and bits of flesh in teeth and underneathFingernails cracked and growingYellow smoke in the air blowingLungs worn and ragged asWood … Continue reading An Expression of Self (Home 1)

In Absence of

For Lucy, and for the turning of the soil. …and just like that, the glorious pink and purple flourishes fade,as “sunset” becomes greyscale clouds on an ever-darker horizon. We walk next door,to the supermarket that smells of bleach, medicine, and warm plastic,the lighting reminiscent of the scene in which the tired travelers stop at a … Continue reading In Absence of

Not to Die Alone

As I climbed into my bed the other night,I found in the sheets a wasp at the end of its life. The insect seemed to me confused,desperate for answers as to why it’s body had begun to fail after so many days of reliability,once-powerful wings, no longer capable of flight,legs twitching at times without being … Continue reading Not to Die Alone

In the Leaves

For you, now. what lieshiddenin the leaves,behind minutes, hours,in time,hopes and dreams,ours,is and was,still could/may nevercome to be,yet to be seenby eyesblue and green,yours and mine,us and weknow one thing:I still love you,just as I know youstill love me,always will,and so, still,wewait, patient,calm and serene;you give your all,I give youall of me,all that comes to … Continue reading In the Leaves


Written in collaboration with Nataliyshka from Belarus. My sincere gratitude for the inspiration and light you have brought to life today. Nataliyshka:Сухая пустыня, выжжена земляНет жизни, только песок и жараЖжет огонь и не даёт расти.Выжигает жизнь на своем пути.Суша встречает капли дождя.Шепчет ” я благодарю тебя” (Dry desert, scorched earth.No life, just sand and heat.Burns … Continue reading Path

i just want (You)

well, wellwe have found the quark,studied,up & down,yet,these words are still not rigid and empty,devoid of life. maybethere can be love and emotionwithout a needfor more than what isapparent. i don’t knowandi don’t care. i want to shiver,when the right music playsat the righttime,when your handtouchesmine. i don’t need the laws of nature:they need me. … Continue reading i just want (You)


I have been told I am like a bird, collecting stones and shiny objects for those I love. I wonder… is there someone, or something, with a penchant to do the same with lives? no resentment towards the sunfor the shadows castrathergratitude expressed forwarmth andquiet, calm illumination a glimmer, eyes tofeethandswith a fluid motioncapturing betweenthumb … Continue reading glimmer

Strig A

It has been a while, my beloved friends. I have been and still am in a time of healing and personal development. I miss you all dearly. We are not alone,In shadows orIn the bright sunshine In the light, the Earth moves underfoot.In the night, the shadows dance ahead. We have seen through the stars … Continue reading Strig A

Poetry Reading – “So Many Senses Through Which to Sift Sentiment”

Originally published April 18, 2018, this poem was inspired by a prolific author I had really come to admire and appreciate, Maggie Lawson (see more details below in the original post). The original piece is below for reference, and can be found in its entirety at Inspired by the writing of Maggie Lawson, of … Continue reading Poetry Reading – “So Many Senses Through Which to Sift Sentiment”

Author Update March 2021

Hello readers, First and foremost, I just want to take a moment to thank those of you who have continued to read, to like, to comment, to support me, especially in the past several months. I really, really appreciate you, each and every one of you. I know I haven’t been very active in the … Continue reading Author Update March 2021


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