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Amethyst Collection

Southern Earth Gives Way to Northern Ground

As lines give way See them fade, yellow to gray Realize what is meant when people say There are not enough hours in the day… Always thought them fools; Useless words – toys, not tools… I did not know how they could feel that way.

Amethyst Avatar

Don’t want to change a thing, lovely Amethyst avatar You’re perfect Just the way you are Don’t you know Every stone has It’s cracks and Striations Bits of dirt embedded Between jagged edges torn From the soil with Scornful impatience

Empress Amethyst

Effortless Smoke curls like Eager tail of small cat From the space between You and I Where lit cigarette rests with callous disregard For the air in which it was sparked to life Only moments before

Crescent Collection

To the Light of an Unobstructed Star (Sol)

Unfrozen Born of the same flame But not quite the same No longer divided Between The unparsed past The uncertain future Present in The present No longer trying to be The source Rather, a conduit for Secondary light Accepting this Embracing Your will Your beautiful face Smiling once more

Then It Grows Dark (Eclipse)

Birds float Branch to branch As water rushes beneath From there To here Effortless in its Slow meander Through so many hills Tunnels underneath

The Unparsed Past (Left Crescent)

Part of a three-part set. In the Second-Hand Light of the Crescent Moon (Right Crescent) Extrication (Crescent Terminal) The Unparsed Past (Left Crescent) Settling Ashes of All I know All I am Not to rise The phoenix slumbers Dreaming of Frozen tundra


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oh, mea culpa (8, again)

wehave always wereandare(our name is blue star)where the sign isthat which makes youso farall golden yellow pink and orangefresh yetcrawling naked in the rottenEarth and fleshrivers reddeadferment soiled fed to wedEmerald shimmer your dress nowI am not Godbut I have made this world for youand I would send rainto burn it to the groundbeDamnedbreathing bleedingsandinmyhand … Continue reading oh, mea culpa (8, again)


Note: Due to formatting, the title here is not correct (though, what is?). This poem is called 22_now_22. Thank you for your understanding. Full disclosure and credit due, I’ve been listening to the album 22, A Million by Bon Iver lately, starting yesterday 2/22/2021, at the suggestion of my dear friend Blackbird, and it has … Continue reading 2^2_now_2^2

IMMirrorr MirrorrIM

okay. end state: 8 /fate same weight both ways reflect tocelebrateelseemulate toimitate? 12 yearsnew fears 13 days shield=mace heart laidto waste linesbreakyour face take breath (not taste) away no haste no grace waitbait to bate 20 2 4 3 2 more to see you breathe fog / steam 2C Dig toBeneath Dougiedug E3 not 15through … Continue reading IMMirrorr MirrorrIM

The Fall of the Vapor Mystic

The Flowers in Her Hair

For Merve. The flowers in her hairGreenLike the Earth when it is healthyA music that can only be felt and never heardA memoryDistant, yet distinctAmong all thingsVapor cloud fallenNowMystic 2 riseBlueClouds 2 gather nowNo stormStill windCalm, sereneFire 4CleansingAshen EarthRiver runs andThere is growthOnce more

The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part III (Even When It Cannot Be Seen)

A thick, black fog hangs low over this place now. Long shadows cast by rolling waves of darkness spilling across the houses and walkways. With each passing second, breathing becomes increasingly labored.   The windswept streets grow empty and desolate, As the life that once filled them hides behind doors and walls of brick, As … Continue reading The Fall of the Vapor Mystic, Part III (Even When It Cannot Be Seen)


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Обнять (To Embrace)

This piece was written in collaboration with Dilara, a good friend from Russia who is one of many wonderful people I have met on Ablo over the course of the last several years. Dilara, you are a wonderful friend, and an inspiration, both in terms of life and writing. I am so grateful that we … Continue reading Обнять (To Embrace)

When I Breathed Longing for You

This piece was written in collaboration with my good friend from Ablo Ikee from Indonesia, a very talented poet who regularly sends me lovely micro-poems to brighten my day. I am so grateful for you, Ikee, for your kindness and for the inspiration that has arisen from it. Ikee:Kau bernafas dalam dirikuSaat aku menghembuskan kerinduan … Continue reading When I Breathed Longing for You

No Diamante, a Sua Preciosidade

This piece was written in collaboration with one of my most cherished friends, a Brazilian diamond in her own right, Sunflower. My sincere gratitude to her for the beautiful lines she has provided, and for the creative energy that was produced by this collaboration. I have dearly missed working together in this manner. Sunflower: A … Continue reading No Diamante, a Sua Preciosidade


This piece was written in collaboration with the light-bringer Lykke, my dear friend whose prose inspired a deluge of thoughts and actions, as well the words below. My sincere thanks to her for all we have discussed and all we still have to learn from each other. Lykke: Milestones… When my day starts here Your … Continue reading Milestones

Even A Little Lost

This piece was written in collaboration with someone who submitted the first piece to me, which truly inspired me in a way I have not been in some time. Unfortunately, this person did not provide their information so I do not have anything more to credit them with. If you are the author, please let … Continue reading Even A Little Lost


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