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Personal: @auroraboros

I post images from my life to my Instagram. I don’t really message there, but if you want you can send me a message and maybe I will respond.

My recent posts are below, or you can go directly to my profile via

Poetry: @objectsanddistance

All of my poems and the associated artwork are posted to a separate Instagram account, at

On Ablo @Andrew

I am very active on the global social platform Ablo.

On Ablo, you can chat with me in any language using real-time translation, view videos from my life, and attend my weekly “Live Show” sessions where we discuss topics like mental health, relationships and more.

To find me on Ablo, click the link below. Note that that you will need an Ablo account, which is free and easy to make!

Over Email

Want to collaborate? Have a question or comment? Just want to chat? Use the below form to contact me directly. I will respond as soon as I am able.