About Objects, and the Distance Between Them


I created this site back in the beginning of 2018, as a space to post my writing “anonymously” each day as an outlet for a lot of pain, grief, and loss that was occurring in my life at the time due in a large part to a divorce, the slow death of a very beloved non-profit I ran, a series of other life changes, and ongoing mental health challenges that led to addiction, increased isolation, and suicidal ideation.

The name comes from the very first poem ever posted to this site and the accompanying piece of artwork of the same name by my good friend Riley Theodore (seen below). This mixed-media collaboration, the first of several, kicked off the site, and set the tone for all that followed.

“Objects, and the Distance Between Them” – Riley Theodore in Collaboration with Auroraboros – Circa 2018

In the years since, I have worked hard to stay true to the words I wrote here, healing and growing through active involvement with others, honest reflection and introspection, a great deal of personal development and therapy, and daily meditation practice. Though recovery and self-care is a life-long journey, I can proudly say that I have come a long way since I first started this blog, and I continue to work to move forward, learning from each new experience I am presented with.

What to Expect

My work varies. I generally produce free-form, stream-of-consciousness poetry that comes from and speaks to my current personal state of mind and being. Much of my writing refers to or addresses challenges I am facing, events that are occurring in my life, or my general philosophy, which resolved heavily around mindfulness, a search for divinity, and kindness/compassion to all.

I write and post because I am inspired and it is part of my healing process, not for visibility of my work. As such, I am not particularly concerned with pleasing anyone or following any sort of expectations. I tend to eschew punctuation and traditional structure. This is intentional. It’s quite alright if you find it lazy or distasteful. I also use a lot on analogy, drawing heavily from my own life experiences, current events, and culture. You will see themes and patterns, stylistic signatures, and many references. The landscape changes often as well, as does my world and my perspective.

As of September 2021, I have begun posting again, though I am no longer posting on a daily basis. The time and energy commitment necessary for daily posts contributed to a bit of a burnout in early/mid 2021, from which I am still recovering, and I am working to be able to find a healthy cadence that allows me to share my expression here in a way that maintains/supports my overall well-being, as is the underlying goal.

All photos/images that accompany the daily pieces are my own, shot on a Google Pixel 3, unless stated otherwise, and artwork is either mine or has been contributed with the expressed consent of the artist.

Recent Personal Updates

Author Update March 2021

Hello readers, First and foremost, I just want to take a moment to thank those of you who have continued to read, to like, to comment, to support me, especially in the past several months. I really, really appreciate you, each and every one of you. I know I haven’t been very active in the…

Reflection and Updates – December 20, 2020

Greetings, readers and fellow writers. Today, in lieu of a daily poem, I wanted to provide a candid update, as there have been a few changes lately and likely may be more in the coming weeks. As you may have noticed, I have begun to post my daily writing again. I am so glad to…

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay / Be Kind To Yourself and Others

Below is something I posted on another social media platform and wanted to share with everyone here. I know it has been a long time since I have posted here… I am sorry, but also not. I am doing my best, and I actually have a few pieces I am working on which I am…


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