in the colors that I choose

in the colors that I choose – Recorded 03/22/2023 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

in the colors that I choose;
that I might hold close and in embrace find,
not only You, but Me, as well,
arising from and grounded in,
but extending beyond
the moment,
or whatever that might mean.

mu, something like an inner shiver,
tendons and ligaments,
the curve in your spine.

delight, as the petals fall,
ever so slowly,
catching as they do the rays of light at just the right angle that they might be,
for an instant at least,
all that Is,
directed towards my eyes and reaching Me,
not as I was but as I am,
not as a Stranger but something more
warm like Home
in the colors that I choose.

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