A Drop in the Universe

This piece was another collaboration with my dear friend and serial collaborator, Jasmine, or mine_primel on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/mine_primel/

This has been our first collaborative creation in a long time, though not the first and certainly not the last. If you would like to see the work we have done previously, please visit https://objectsanddistance.com/tag/jasmine/

So many thanks to Jasmine for the inspiration and energy. I am so grateful, for you and for all the amazing people who I have worked with over the years and who still come here to read my work. A sincere thank you, to all of you.

If you ever want to work on something together, please let me know.

A Drop in the Universe by Jasmine aka mine_primel

“A Drop in the Universe” – Recorded 12/10/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

A drop in the universe;
A light in the dark.

When you arrived
Spilling across the page,
In words and colors
Unknown and yet,
Implied by the very space they fill,
Your presence brought with it
All you are,
And will be,
All at once and in a burst of beauty
And pain.

Bridging the divide,
Divine, sacrosanct and still
With a blasphemy sweeter than any kiss or letter to be written or read.

You should not have come here,
To this place of hidden fear and surface-dwelling venom,
But still, you came,
Bold, and with a determination beyond estimation
Of whispering ears and eyes that shape, contort.

A drop in the universe.
Blood, in waters teaming with hungry teeth.
A voice, a cry or whimper, rage or maybe at the same time love and a need to feel it in return.

A drop in the universe.
A light in the dark

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