if only in your memories and dreams

“if only in your memories and dreams” – Recorded 12/06/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

someday, we will return to the Earth,
a corpse
rotting or
as ashes, scattered,
but today…
today we are alive.
each and every
breath |
loss |
moment |
suffering or joy,
a blessing,
a gift,
to be cherished
with a grateful heart,
as blood
through our being.

so often
we weep,
that which we have had but have no longer,
forgetting, as we do
to embrace
that which we still possess
and that which we have yet to receive.

hold the breath in
like it is the last breath you will ever take,
let it go.

what lies before you now,
like it is all you have ever known,
let it go.

wherever you might be,
whatever you might see,
always will be,
all and none,
if only in your memories and dreams.

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