at last

The ninth in a set of NINE.

All NINE pieces can be found at

Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini).

“at last” – Recorded 7/27/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

I would hold your naked form
and kiss you gently on the cheek
whispering soft words in your ear
before you fall asleep

I wish to know the shapeless self
and guide it gently from the deep
calling softly from the dark
watching it crawl to me

I would offer you my heart
bare as the skin which we both share
that you might know me as I am
that you might know I care

I wish myself to separate
limb from torso, skin from bone
that we might be known now as we are
that we might never be alone

I would brush aside hairs upon your face
and look you in your shimmering eyes
telling you “Darling, it will be okay”
“Everything will be just fine.”

I wish to divide space and time
’til distance and objects are no more
to render form and function null
just as it was before

We will with patient breath await
a time when time has passed
when when is not a when but where
and we are one at last
in this without with we will be
and with without as well
as life and death fall to the past
free now this mortal shell
not that, in this, we might ascend
neither to sink below
but rather that we might transcend
to join eternal glow

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