Beneath the White Moon

The second in a set of NINE.

All NINE pieces can be found at

Artwork generated by CrAIyon (formerly DALL-E mini).

“Beneath the White Moon” – Recorded 06/14/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Shattered / scattered,
Just like you,
Scared to move, too,
To break
Through / free
Caught in this
Monotonous routine, like
“Misery is comfortable when the alternative is unknown.”

What a lie,
Worse than bright lit blue skies,
Just dispersed light that hit new eyes,
Its why I
Trust the night,
Beneath the white
At least you know the teeth that bite you,
Not to be confused
With smiles that want to fight you,
Now we see right through,
To the ugly that’s inside you,
Worms and bugs, leaves that sit in shit but still guide you,
With more grace than those who’d sooner save face than stand beside you,
Let them find you
Palms to the ground with claws out,
Ready to tear right through,
The veil, pierced, the shell
Fierce as hell,
Scream out loud, wail, like
“Mistakes will be made and I might fail, but I believe there’s more glory in telling my own story than sitting back and waiting for fate to tell my tale.”

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