This piece was a collaboration with my dear friend, Jasmine, from Germany, who is available on Instagram at

Jasmine is a very talented visual artist who works in a variety of mediums and styles. She created the image below, and we worked to create the poem based on it, which she then integrated into the second image.

Want to work together on a poem, artwork, anything? Let me know; let’s connect.

“Colors” – Recorded 5/31/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Stand atop
The tallest spire
Than they would ever guess
To kill
Colors burst and bloom
From lips
No words heard
Just swirls
Pretty like
The other girls
Reds and blues
In all shades and hues
Yellows, greens, and purples too
A tapestry made
For her
Not you.

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