When It Comes

“When It Comes” – Recorded 4/6/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

When it comes,
You will not be ready,
You will not be expecting it,
You will not find yourself in a perfect pose,
Or with all the right words to say to express the sentiment inside;
There will be no shimmer in the distance,
No gust of wind which tosses your hair lightly with a playful hand,
No musical score to emphasize the mood.

You will not be able to watch it again,
Share it with your friends,
Or go back and change the experience.

You will likely not even notice it has happened,
Until the moment has passed,
Just like this one,
And the one before it.

It will happen,
Then, it will be over.

Cherish it.
Hold it to your chest and look it in the eyes and tell it how much it means to you,
Then, let go.

When it comes, again, and it will:
Remember, as best you can;
Embrace it once more,
As if you had never known it before and never will again.
Love it,
With all you have,
With all you are.

Not ready, but aware, present.
Without expectations, the subtlety visible.
Imperfect, and perfectly so.

Feel it; there is no need for words.
Shine in your own way.
Release form, function.

Let the rhythm arise, naturally.

Experience it,
when it comes,
as it is.

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