no love story (-1)

The first in a series of 2; stay tuned.

Inspired in part by a post by my friend Mirza, at

“no love story (-1)” – Recorded 3/5/2022 – Auroraboros – Objects, and the Distance Between Them

no love story,
no blood/glory,
wrote a masterpiece,
flew it high like kites,
blue skies,
over azure seas,
recovered masterfully,
from each catastrophe,
’til we could look past to see,
can’t last, life goes fast here,
unmask new chapters,
ask questions to the pastor “please,”
what it has to mean,
life after death
or fade to black,
no coming back once you pass here,
goodbye blonde and
“no hay banda”,
shed last tear,
glass sphere dreams;
no good answer,
“just do the dance, find romance, and be her master”
fuck that,
I just might be,
Done with white,
think I’ll write
another piece about Black Pyramids
and eyes emblazed in light,
closed eyelids
grasp released,
find peace with the beast tonight,
thick cocks and slick clits,
trick clocks and lit clicks,
kick rocks and pick fights,
get right,
like get this: “just be”
you and I’ll be
and we’ll write,
all night, no sleep,
no notebook, no ink writ,
just life spent and time split,
dark sky and rough seas,
no cheat, bluff,
till we’ve
had enough;
all cards face up,
in front so we,
on back,
laid flat,
for all to see,
it’s all in the past,
won’t last,
so for now its best if we
made crafts and good laughs
to fade black at last,
a guest set free
once more,
so gnash
your teeth,
bite deep, into flesh
let me,
let go finally of
this distorted
to find it’s all in my mind
a dream,
no hand in glove,
land above for me,
no more for me,
just blood to bleed,
to pour,
end of scene,
no love story.

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